Mental Benefits of Yoga

Aug 2019 Mental Benefits of Yoga

Yoga provides many proven physical and mental health benefits. That’s why quality rehab centers provide yoga as physical and psychological therapy. The mental benefits of yoga, in particular, help people working to build lasting recovery after substance abuse. Learn more about those benefits as well as how they can help you live the new life you want.

When you seek out a holistic therapy program in Palm Springs, CA, for your addiction treatment, remember that yoga is only one aspect of quality treatment. You also need an array of other therapies in individual, group, and family settings. But benefits of yoga for mental health certainly bode well in rehab and long beyond, as a portable practice used throughout recorded history.

Why Yoga Works Well in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental health practice from ancient India. It uses a series of asanas, physical poses, to improve physical fitness, stress reduction and also relaxation levels. Many researchers report the benefits of yoga for mental health like improved relationships, self-confidence, and mental stability.

In many ways, yoga is a type of psychology. It teaches you about your inner spirit and the nature of your mind, humanity, and emotions. You learn how your emotions affect your behaviors, actions, and mental wellness. In these ways, you learn to control how you react to the world and live in greater harmony with your surroundings and other people.

Obviously, this works well for people coming out of active substance abuse. In your addiction, you live a life of chaos and despair. You continuously face hurdles with both mental and physical stress. You also use your substances to retreat from life challenges, instead of handling them appropriately when they still prove manageable.

Five Mental Benefits of Yoga

Yoga teaches you how to live in the here-and-now, managing your emotional reactions and thinking before you move, act, or speak. This is the balance that yoga brings and proves why it works so well in rehab and recovery. Below are five key mental benefits of yoga:

  • Yoga takes you from your flight-or-fight mode to rest-and-digest mode, or from the sympathetic nervous system to your parasympathetic nervous system. This means you experience less anxiety and more relaxation.
  • You build a stronger sense of yourself through yoga. Yoga naturally encourages greater respect for your mind and body, leading you to live in healthier ways.
  • Your romantic relationships improve as you feel more centered, peaceful, and able to treat others with greater compassion and less reaction.
  • You become mindful and realize the importance of not holding negative psychological or emotional energy.
  • You learn to deal better with family issues, such as taking problems on mindfully instead of blaming others. When you control your actions and behaviors, your family members respond to you in new ways.

Yoga and Other Important Therapies for Long-Term Addiction Recovery in Palm Springs, CA

In Palm Springs, CA, you can find yoga therapy and the broad mix of therapies you need for true healing and recovery after addiction. These programs and therapies include:

  • Detox, sober living and alumni events
  • Extended care 90-day program, residential rehab, PHP, IOP, and OP treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma therapy and psychotherapy
  • CBT and DBT
  • Equine therapy, fitness, neurofeedback, and biofeedback
  • Family and group therapy

Through yoga, physical fitness, and a good mix of evidence-based therapies, you can create the life you want in recovery. To learn more about the mental benefits of yoga in rehab treatment, call Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, CA at 8552328211.