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California Addiction Rehab Center

Phoenix Rising Recovery

Welcome to Phoenix Rising

Let us help you rise above addiction

Phoenix Rising Recovery is an addiction treatment facility in Palm Desert, California that’s dedicated to helping clients rise above their past trauma and addictions into happier, healthier lives. Our team understands the effort and commitment necessary to begin recovery. Therefore, we utilize trauma-informed care that addresses each client individually and helps them develop a plan for lifelong recovery.

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Our Palm Desert facility offers a serene and isolated backdrop for your recovery. Surrounded by nature, our treatment center helps you focus entirely on your goals while offering high-quality amenities to let you unwind. Built on a beautiful Californian ranch, Phoenix Rising offers clients access to an in-house gym, jacuzzi, rec room, and pool.
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Substance Abuse Treatment

Receive the support you deserve for lasting recovery

Our mission at Phoenix Recovery is for every client to achieve lifelong sobriety. Through substance abuse treatment programs that encourage prolonged care and structure, we prepare all of our residents with the skills and coping mechanisms they need to prevent relapse.

Addiction Counseling Services

You’re never alone on the path to sobriety

At Phoenix Rising, we understand the ways that trauma and mental health disorders can adversely affect a person’s quality of life. Therefore, we offer several addiction counseling services to help our clients overcome trauma and manage the symptoms of their mental health conditions.

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