90 Day Drug Rehab Programs

Rehab is an essential step in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction as well as in the prevention of relapse. However, rehab is not a one-size-fits-all, and different people require different program lengths. Though we offer 30 day and 60 day rehab programs, that is not enough time for many recovering individuals. This is why our 90 day drug rehab programs in Palm Springs, California are available to help those in need of long-term solutions that cultivate lasting results. 

What is 90 Day Rehab Program?

Man learns of the benefits of a 90 day rehab program

The term 90 day rehab is self-explanatory as it is a treatment program that lasts for 90 days. It can also be referred to as extended rehab. This type of rehab program helps individuals with severe addictions who are in need of intensive, long-term treatment. As with any treatment program, 90 day rehab is an investment. Due to it’s extended duration, it can be more costly than shorter programs. However, the rewards that come with successful recovery far outweigh the price of the program. 

During this rehab program, clients live on-site. Once admitted, they typically undergo detox before starting treatment sessions. After the 90 days are over, we offer extensive aftercare that promotes long-term recovery.

90 Day Rehab Services We Provide

Throughout our 90 day rehab, clients participate in a number of treatment modalities. These include: 

Benefits of 90 Day Rehab Programs

The primary benefit of 90 day drug rehab programs is giving people a chance to focus on recovery. From the first to last week of the program, clients are focused on establishing sobriety and accountability, as well as developing peer bonds and finding a sense of purpose. Specific benefits of 90 day rehab include:

  • No distractions. 90 day rehab allows individuals to spend time in a temptation-free environment. Clients are immersed in a setting that is away from the triggers and influences of the outside world. 
  • Adopting healthy habits. Changing old habits is an essential part of avoiding relapse; however, changing habitual behavior isn’t easy. It takes time, which is something that 90-day rehab offers plenty of. 
  • Developing life skills. Rehab is not only about getting clean, it is also about learning and growing as a person. In our program, clients learn essential life skills, including how to take care of themselves and others. 
  • Working through personal and familial conflicts. There is enough time in a 90 day rehab program for clients to dive deep into their pasts and understand themselves further. Additionally, family sessions allow them to heal the important bond between them and their loved ones. 
  • Support network. Clients become very close to others in the treatment facility during this time. Throughout the 90 days, clients get to know one another on a personal level and are able to both encourage each other and keep each other accountable. This sense of comradery facilitates long-lasting bonds and sustainable friendships. 
  • Personalized treatment plans. All of our treatment plans are customized to meet your specific needs and circumstances. We know that treatment is not one size fits all and want to give you the best chance possible at recovery.

How Do 90 Day Rehab Programs Work?

Detox is typically the first step in a 90 day drug rehab program. During this time, individuals rid their bodies of all toxins, drugs, and alcohol. The withdrawal symptoms associated with detox can lead to painful side effects and have the potential to result in dangerous consequences. Certain medications are often administered to control these symptoms and prevent relapse.

Following detox, clients begin their treatment program. Clients in our 90 day rehab program live on-site and therefore attend all activities and therapy sessions at our facility. From individual and equine therapy to holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation, our clients engage in many healing methods. They also attend group therapy, where they form an essential support network. Our facility offers amenities such as a pool, exercise facility, and rec-room.

After the program has come to an end, clients will be well-prepared to return home or to spend time in a sober living facility. We will continue an aftercare plan with them to assure they stay on the right track.

How Do I Know I Need 90 Day Rehab?

Whether or not a person needs to go through a 90 day rehab program depends on their circumstances as well as the severity of their addiction. Though this program type is not for everyone, it has helped countless individuals to achieve lasting sobriety without relapse. Reasons you might be a good candidate for 90 day rehab include:

  • You need intensive structure and support 
  • Your addiction or dual diagnosis is severe 
  • You could benefit from isolating from outside influences
  • You have an unsafe or unhealthy home environment
  • You do not have an adequate support system at home

Begin Our 90 Day Rehab Programs in Palm Springs, California

The time to get the help you deserve is now. You do not need to suffer at the hands of your addiction any longer as recovery is within your reach. Our 90 day rehab is ideal for those who want long-term treatment and lasting results. We offer many different methods of treatment as well as luxury amenities, so you can heal in a comfortable and supportive environment. Get started on the road to recovery today by giving us a call or visiting our contact form