Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage

As an in-network facility with Blue Cross Blue Shield, a large amount of the services we offer at Phoenix Rising will be covered. Our staff will work closely with Blue Cross Blue Shield representatives to obtain the largest amount of coverage possible. Our goal is for everyone who is in need to be able to get the help they deserve. We aim to give our potential patients the chance to attend a residential or outpatient drug rehab that they might not have gotten without the help of their BCBS coverage plan.

Different Options to Help Cover Rehab Cost

Here at Phoenix Rising, we understand that paying for rehab can be an overwhelming subject for a lot of people. Recovering addicts and their families have enough to worry about. The last thing they need to deal with is the financial details of the possible cost of their treatments. This is why we strive to educate our potential clients on ways they can receive payment help for their stay within our facilities.

There are two main ways individuals can pay for substance abuse treatment. The first way is by paying for the entirety of the treatment out-of-pocket. This is not a viable option for a lot of people, though. Paying out-of-pocket can drain savings accounts or put individuals into financial debt. That’s why we provide a second option.

The second way to pay for treatment is receiving help through an insurance provider. By going through insurance, patients will be able to significantly lower the out-of-pocket cost of treatment. Our staff will help each client go over their insurance plan to see what type of coverage they qualify for here at Phoenix Rising.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Information

BCBS residential rehab coverageBlue Cross Blue Shield was founded in 1929 and has since grown to insure 1 in 3 Americans or over 107 million members nationwide. They are the highest contracted insurer in the U.S., with 96 percent of hospitals partnering with BCBS. They have also developed BCBS Global, which helps to provide a full range of healthcare benefits to those who travel worldwide.

BCBS healthcare providers can earn “Blue Distinction,” which recognizes them for the exceptional care they are giving. Some of these can include special procedures, general health and wellness, and even labor and delivery units. If a hospital or doctor’s office has been achieved Blue Distinction, this sets them apart from the rest of the partnered health providers. BCBS representatives are able to provide a list of these in a policyholder’s area at any time.

Other Health Benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBS has created BCBS Axis, which monitors health trends within their policyholder’s records. With each report, BCBS is helping Americans understand the areas of health and wellness that need more work. By assessing these reports constantly, health providers nationwide are able to understand why many health factors like why certain disease numbers are increasing or decreasing.

The founders of BCBS have also developed the Alliance for Health Research in collaboration with some of the nation’s leading health research facilities and institutions. This has helped identify the top 200 health conditions that affect Americans yearly. Through this research, new health and wellness programs have been created to help fight off these growing numbers of diseases.

At Phoenix Rising, we stress the importance of finding an insurance provider that is not only beneficial to your time in rehab but also in everyday life. We believe that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a great in-network option when it comes to choosing an insurer that is right for you.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

The two different types of providers are in-network and out-of-network. Out-of-network providers will have higher rates for those trying to receive coverage through their insurance plans. This is due to the fact that they are not under agreement with a certain insurance company. Out-of-pocket expenses will be a lot higher because of this.

In-network providers are contractually bound to some insurance companies. They will be able to lower their rates for individuals under certain policies. Although they probably will not cover the entire cost, in-network providers usually cover somewhere between 60-80% of the total amount for treatment.

Currently, Phoenix Rising is an in-network facility with BCBS. Because we have partnered with them, we can significantly lower our rates to those under a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. Our staff will review your policy once approved, so they can have a better understanding of what you will be covered for.

A Review of Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Policy

In today’s world, insurance is becoming more accessible. This is why we view it as a viable source of help for treatment payment. Our specialists will contact your Blue Cross Blue Shield representative to determine what type of coverage you qualify for.

At Phoenix Rising, an independent review of your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan will show you:

  • What amount of out-of-pocket expenses you should expect
  • How long you can attend our programs
  • The covered levels of care

Once we review your BCBS policy, we will be able to provide you with the exact amount you should expect to have to pay. After this is completed, you can make the decision on whether or not treatment is something to consider.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Detox Coverage

Medical detoxification is the process where substance abusers are slowly rid of the alcohol or drugs they have been misusing. This can take anywhere between days to months and can be extremely painful because of the withdrawal symptoms that come along with detox. Hospital bills and medications that are needed to perform this type of treatment can be very costly. That’s why it is important to have a reliable insurance plan to help cover the expenses.

Most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans cover a large amount if not the entirety of the cost of detox. Because Phoenix Rising is an in-network facility with BCBS, the cost will be even lower.

BCBS Residential and Outpatient Treatment Coverage

BCBS Residential Treatment for Addiction and Mental HealthThe two main types of addiction treatment are residential and outpatient treatment. The most intense type being inpatient, where the most severe cases of addiction are placed. The other type is an outpatient treatment, where patients are allowed to keep somewhat of a normal schedule while undergoing rehab. Because we require our inpatient clients to stay at our facilities, inpatient treatment will be the more costly of the two.

BCBS residential and outpatient treatment plans are divided up into four coverage levels: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. With platinum being the highest level of coverage and bronze being the lowest. A large amount of the cost for both residential and outpatient services is able to be covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. The out-of-pocket costs will depend on what state you carry the policy in and what level of coverage you pay for.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Treatment for Mental Health

Mental health disorders and addiction disorders often form because of each other. This can cause patients to need special treatment while in rehab called dual diagnosis treatment. Dual-diagnosis is a way for our doctors and therapists to treat both disorders at the same time. By offering this type of therapy, we help cut down the cost and length of stay for our patients.

Almost all of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s plans cover a large number of mental health treatments. These include things like residential treatment, supportive therapies, cognitive behavioral therapies, etc. They also put an emphasis on covering treatments for certain conditions like depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and many more.

Why Choose Phoenix Rising?

Treatment facilities are becoming extremely competitive in Southern California, and we know there are many choices to pick from. When considering where to attend treatment, we hope our facilities at Phoenix Rising will be at the top of your list. Some of the things that set us apart from other facilities in the area are:

  • Comfortable Living Situations: Our inpatient treatment facilities include spacious rooms and warm weather year-round.
  • Amenities: We offer access to a full gym, recreational room, and a jacuzzi tub. These paired with our beautiful campus are sure to help you recover quickly and safely.
  • Countless Types of Therapies: Along with state-of-the-art facilities, our staff is also matched. Our therapists are trained in many different types of therapy, including cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavior, group, and psychotherapy, to name a few.
  • Long-Term Options: There aren’t many other facilities that are able to house patients for longer than 90 days. We offer programs for up to six months if needed.

Begin Residential or Outpatient Treatment with BCBS Coverage

Here at Phoenix Rising, our mission is to provide every person with the opportunity to attend treatment. We know this may not be financially possible for everyone, so we want to work with your BCBS residential treatment provider to obtain the largest amount of coverage possible for you.

If you or someone you know is thinking about attending one of our treatment programs but isn’t sure if he or she is able to afford it, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling or messaging. Our staff will respond to your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.