Wilderness Rehab Program

Wilderness rehab is a great way to get sober while being immersed in nature and connecting with the natural world. Wilderness rehab programs are available for both men and women and usually involves everything from equine therapy and outdoor yoga to hiking and white water rafting. This unique approach is beneficial to many and can be an essential component of a person’s continuum of care. 

DISCLAIMER: Phoenix Rising Recovery is not considered a wilderness rehab center. However, many of the outdoor amenities offered at our addiction treatment center in California are similar in nature to those offered at a wilderness rehab. Contact us today and ask about our outdoor amenities. 

What is Wilderness Rehab?

A wilderness therapy program refers to the method of using outdoor activities in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders. Individuals usually live on-site while participating in wilderness rehab and are encouraged to find inner peace and healing through nature and adventure. This technique is appealing to many as it incorporates diverse activities into traditional rehab programs. Though it is not offered at every treatment facility, we see the value of wilderness rehab practices and believe it is a great way to help individuals re-connect with nature and all it has to offer.

What is Involved in Wilderness Rehab?

Wilderness therapy sets the stage for self-discovery in a safe and judgment-free environment. Initially, a patient’s therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation of their maladaptive behaviors and determine how these have contributed to their current situation. These emotions, beliefs, and challenges are then explored and altered through activities that promote a sense of self-accountability while encouraging individuals to rely on their own intuition. The obstacles presented in wilderness therapy are meant to indirectly model the pressures associated with societal and familial expectations. They also push individuals to trust and cooperate with others, improve their communication skills, and develop a strong sense of self-worth as they must work in solo and group situations to solve the tasks at hand. 

Patients undergo team-building exercises as well as go on wilderness expeditions and activities such as hiking.

Equine Therapy

An important component of many wilderness rehab programs is equine therapy. Equine therapy involves taking care of horses. Individuals engage with therapy horses with the guidance and supervision of our trained therapists. This is an ideal treatment for those battling addiction as it teaches self-care while facilitating a sense of accountability and adventure.

Benefits of Wilderness Rehab 

People overcoming addiction through wilderness rehabWilderness rehab therapy is one of the most unique treatment options available. Still, the positive results it cultivates can be applied to all aspects of life and are on par with traditional treatment programs. Specific advantages of participating in a wilderness rehab program include: 

  • Encouraging problem-solving and group cooperation through team-building and trust exercises. 
  • Participating in a program with a clear operational structure.
  • Using quality equipment provided by experienced staff members who adhere to all state regulations.
  • Improving your confidence, self-identity, and inner-wisdom through hands-on activities.
  • Connecting with nature in a safe environment.
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms and learning essential life skills.
  • Getting a drug-free adrenaline rush and experiencing how rewarding sobriety can be.
  • Introducing new hobbies that you can continue after treatment.
  • A sense of freedom that is hard to obtain in traditional programming.

Wilderness Rehab vs Inpatient Rehab

The primary difference between wilderness rehab and inpatient rehab is the type of activities one does while within the program. Those in inpatient rehab participate in the more traditional modes of treatment. While those in wilderness treatment might also undergo similar therapies, they use outdoor activities to build life skills and develop coping mechanisms. Clients enrolled in both programs live on-site and have access to all of our amenities. 

Ask Phoenix Rising Recovery About Wilderness Rehab Programs

You deserve to be free of your addiction; let us help. We at Phoenix Rising Recovery want you to experience all of what life has to offer — without drugs or alcohol bringing you down. Our programs that are similar to a wilderness rehab provides clients with unique experiences that make recovery all the more fun. To learn more about the services we provide or to get started on your road to recovery, give us a call or visit our contact form today.