Reality Therapy Program in California

The word “reality” has odd, almost negative connotations today, thanks in part to the popularity of reality television programs. But “reality” remains the foundation of your everyday life. What you experience, need, and do each day is your reality. To prepare you for a healthier, happier, and more productive daily life after your substance abuse issues, reality therapy helps you learn to make better choices.

What is Reality Therapy?

Reality therapy is an addiction counseling service. It helps you build problem-solving and decision-making skills for greater success throughout your life. This therapy works well with mindfulness, focusing on your here and now, versus your past.

Your reality therapy program in Palm Springs, CA at Phoenix Rising works to help you solve problems that once made you fearful or indecisive. You also build healthier social connections and relationships, thanks to this vital therapy. You set goals and learn to work toward achieving them, for everything you want out of your new life in recovery.

To start your reality therapy program in Palm Springs, CA, your therapist helps you decide what you want from your future. Once you figure out what is important to you, you learn how your behaviors affect reaching those goals. For example, maybe some of your behaviors make your goals harder to achieve. At the same time, other behaviors make reaching these essential milestones easier.

After deciding what you want from an addiction-free life and what you must do or change to get there, reality therapy helps you build the skills needed for success. In the process, your new skills also help you meet your basic needs. These needs remained unfulfilled in your addiction. They include love, a sense of belonging, power, freedom, fun, and survival.

One of the most significant aspects of reality therapy is letting go of what you cannot control or change. You learn to stop focusing on others’ behaviors and more on your own.

About Reality Therapy at Phoenix Rising

Man running a reality therapy program in Palm Springs, CAThe reality therapy program in Palm Springs, CA at Phoenix Rising helps you create the life you want. This therapy works well alongside other approaches and methods of rehab, such as:

Will Reality Therapy Help Me?

In addiction, your everyday life, thoughts, and behaviors changed dramatically. The person you are after addiction looks nothing like the person you were before your substance abuse. At the same time, even before drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you did not possess the coping skills you needed to avoid such damaging behavior. This critical therapy helps you focus on what matters most for creating the life you want, while also helping you build the skills to get there.

Your reality therapist works as your guide in figuring out your goals and how to achieve them. Some of your goals include problems you experience on a daily basis and how to stop the pattern. Other goals include things you want from life that make you happier and healthier in a variety of ways. Because you work so closely with your therapist, you develop mutual trust in the relationship.

A wide variety of people benefit from this type of therapy. It works well for people in addiction treatment and eating disorder treatment, just as it does for athletes, business leaders, young people, and others needing to focus more on how they control their own daily experience and fate in life. Your therapy helps you take responsibility for where your life is today and where you want it to lead tomorrow.

Begin Reality Therapy in Palm Springs, California

Suffering addiction leads to despair and a feeling of hopelessness. But all is not lost. You simply need programs and therapies designed to help you overcome your problems and reach for what you want from your life. Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, CA provides the therapies you need within multiple levels of care.

Reality therapy is about how you act throughout your daily life, as well as what you want from your future. This method helps you reach the goals you set for yourself. But your first big goal is getting the treatment you need, to bring the life you want into your reality. So contact Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs now to achieve this first goal and start reaching for everything you want from life in addiction recovery.