30-Day Rehab Program

The best way to overcome addiction and find lasting sobriety is to attend a drug or alcohol rehab program. Many of those seeking addiction treatment prefer a 30-day rehab program as it provides effective treatment in a relatively short period of time. During this program, individuals are given a break from the stress of their lives, so that they can focus solely on recovery. Ideal for those highly motivated to get sober and stay sober, this program is effective in setting individuals up for long-term success — especially when an aftercare plan is followed after the 30 days are up. 

What is 30-Day Rehab?

30 days is considered to be the standard length of rehab programs. During this time, clients live on-site and attend daily treatment sessions. These sessions adhere to the treatment plan that has been designed to meet the client’s specific needs. 

30 Day Rehab Programs

Generally, 30 days is the time it takes to:

  • Clinically assess a new rehab client
  • Identify behavioral areas of concern within a client
  • Help a client to establish personal goals that address those areas of behavioral concern
  • Create and go through a proper addiction treatment plan

During 30-day rehab, clients are able to live in a safe environment that provides them with ample structure and support. This setting also separates them from outside influences, temptations, and relapse triggers. Given the short duration of this program, 30-day rehab is less expensive than other treatment options, making it appealing to many of those in addiction recovery. 

What Happens in a 30-Day Rehab Program?

For the best possible outcomes, it is crucial that treatment protocols focus on each client’s unique situation and individual needs. Therefore, every client has a custom-made treatment plan. The general structure of 30-day rehab is as follows: 

  • Undergo detox. Many individuals must undergo detox to rid their bodies of all drugs and toxins. We assure that our detox environment provides comfort and strict supervision. Additionally, we offer medication management to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.
  • Develop and implement a treatment plan. A compassionate specialist works with clients to identify their needs and treatment goals. This plan will help clients know what to expect in the coming 30 days. Co-occurring mental conditions are also considered when developing a treatment plan. These plans typically involve multiple therapies and holistic treatment methods.
  • Establish a support network. Group therapy and support meetings help establish in-house support systems. Individuals who become close during this time often continue to keep each other accountable and offer encouragement after treatment has been completed. 
  • Follow an aftercare plan. To help maintain sobriety after a 30-day rehab program, individuals should attend aftercare. Examples of aftercare treatment programs include sober living, 12-step programs, and extended individual and group addiction therapy.

Evidence-Based Treatments

Our therapists customize a caring approach for your stay as all clients come from different backgrounds and have different reasons behind their substance abuse problems. Possible modalities of addiction treatment include:

  • Individual therapy. This allows you to open up and explore the underlying causes of your condition. Examples include cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.
  • Group therapy. This reduces stigma while promoting open communication. Examples include process groups and psychodrama.
  • Neurofeedback. This is a powerful tool that exercises your brain to strengthen desirable brainwave patterns.
  • Mindfulness training. This technique eases anxiety and stress through breathing exercises and guided visualization.
  • EMDR therapy. This helps to reduce an individual’s emotional response to trauma through desensitization and reprocessing. 
  • Medication-assisted therapy. Medications are prescribed to aid withdrawal symptoms and lessen cravings.

Alternative Treatment Methods

It is our goal to help you heal your mind, body, and soul through extensive addiction treatment. Some holistic treatment methods that teach healthy coping mechanisms include:

  • Equine therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Outdoor activities

30 day rehab palm springs californiaBenefits of 30-Day Rehab Programs

Month-long rehab programs can be widely beneficial for those struggling with addiction. The most rewarding of these benefits is helping individuals free themselves from substance abuse, so they can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Specific benefits of 30-day rehab programs include: 

  • An overall lower cost of treatment
  • Forming lasting bonds with fellow clients
  • Developing constructive coping strategies
  • Comfortable environment away from outside influences and triggers
  • Access to amenities such as a pool, jacuzzi, rec-room, and fitness center
  • Opportunity to address any co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Detox services
  • Aftercare planning and resources

Is a 30-Day Rehab Right for Me?

This type of program is most beneficial for individuals who have a moderate to severe addiction but are highly motivated to achieve sobriety. Additionally, those in need of 24/7 care and monitoring to avoid relapsing can benefit from residential 30-day rehab. Reasons you might be an ideal candidate for 30-day rehab include:

  • You want cost-effective treatment
  • You need time away from life’s stressors and temptations
  • You cannot commit to a longer stay in treatment
  • Your addiction is moderate
  • You have previously undergone treatment but have relapsed or need additional support
  • You have completed detox

It is important to note that if you are struggling with severe addiction and believe you need more intensive treatment, a longer stay in rehab might be most beneficial to your recovery. 

Begin Our 30-Day Rehab Program in Palm Springs, California

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