a doctor explaining psychotherapy vs counseling to a new patient and her family

Psychotherapy vs. Counseling

Although addiction has no cure, treatment affords you the opportunity to achieve recovery. Learning how to manage your symptoms is a major part of recovery. Treatments like psychotherapy vs counseling are extremely helpful. But what exactly is the difference between psychotherapy vs counseling? Each year, 22 million Americans struggle with a substance abuse disorder, while…

a pile of pills while explaining symptoms of vicodin abuse

Symptoms of Vicodin Abuse

Doctors often prescribe painkillers after a surgical procedure, when a patient is dealing with chronic pain conditions, or when someone has a disease. Painkillers, although helpful for eliminating pain, also have the potential for abuse and addiction. One type of pain medication that doctors prescribe that is often abused is Vicodin. Like many opioids, Vicodin…