Man speaks to his therapist and asks what is psychodrama therapy

What is Psychodrama Therapy?

When you seek addiction treatment from Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, California, you gain trauma-informed care from professionals who consider your individual needs when building your treatment plan. You also gain access to advanced therapies like the best dialectical behavior therapy program Palm Springs CA offers, neurofeedback, biofeedback, as well as psychodrama therapy. But what…

What wonders what is comorbidity and does she have it

What is Comorbidity?

The existence of more than two illnesses or conditions in the same person is known as comorbidity. This can apply to several different issues. It is often seen in the context of substance abuse and mental health conditions. These two issues occur in individuals quite frequently. Therefore, the terms “co-occurring disorders” or “dual diagnosis” can…

Woman deals with her substance induced mood disorder

Substance Induced Mood Disorder

Substance abuse is a critical problem that affects all areas of a person’s life. If you’re dealing with dependency on drugs or alcohol, it’s also possible that you may be experiencing a mental health condition. Sometimes these issues are co-occurring and may have always existed. Substance induced mood disorder (SIMD) is different because it arises…