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Phoenix Rising will continue to serve our recovery community during this time. In conjunction with our existing infection control policies, we are closely monitoring CDC updates on the impact of the coronavirus as they are released.

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Rehab Blog

Alcohol and Blood Sugar

Alcohol and blood sugar are closely related by how alcohol directly affects blood sugar levels. Your body needs sugar, but too high a concentration can be as equally fatal as having too little.  Cells called...


Gratitude in Recovery

We all know that having positive thoughts leads to experiencing more positive emotions. That’s why positive affirmations and visualizations have become so popular in many self-help systems. For many in recovery, cultivating positive thoughts on...


How to know if the Addict is Ready for Recovery

With rare exceptions, the road to recovery from substance use disorder isn’t easy. It’s often steep, winding, and full of switchbacks and obstacles. Sometimes it can seem impossible to navigate. Treatment programs are getting better...


Difference Between Treatment and Recovery

While treatment and recovery go hand in hand, they are not the same thing. Treatment refers to the overall addiction recovery process. This includes detox, inpatient or outpatient programs, as well as the therapies and...


Meloxicam Abuse

Due to the negative connotation associated with opioids, and the fact that they can be highly addictive, many people are apprehensive about taking them for pain management. While an opioid might be the best course...


Rebuilding Confidence and Self-Esteem After Addiction Recovery

Self-esteem is how a person feels about him or herself. Self-esteem can refer to a person’s self-worth or personal value. It can also refer to anything that would influence how a person looks at him...


Is Schizophrenia Hereditary?

Is schizophrenia hereditary? Well, while the risk of getting schizophrenia is higher if you have a family member that suffers from the condition, it’s not solely based on genetics. Still, if a person contains a...


Long Term Effects of Xanax Brain Damage

The widespread use of Xanax has become an increasing problem. If you or a loved one are seeking help to treat your addiction to Xanax, Phoenix Rising Recovery is ready to assist. Phoenix Rising Recovery is a...


10 Reasons Why Quitting Drugs Cold Turkey Is A Bad Idea

The first step to sobriety is to detox from all substance use. Detoxing is the process of ridding the body of all drugs. While it may appear to make sense for you to stop consuming alcohol and drugs...


Adderall Addiction and Cardiac Health Problems

There are almost always side effects that can come from taking prescription medications. While the side effects of many medications aren’t too severe or dangerous when a prescription medication is taken correctly under the supervision...

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