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Cigna Drug Rehab

One of the biggest concerns for anyone seeking a drug rehab program is whether insurance pays for this treatment. Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, CA, accepts multiple brands of health insurance. These include Aetna, Optum, Tricare, UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and Cigna. If you have a Cigna health insurance policy, you can rest easy. Phoenix Rising is a Cigna drug rehab able to meet your needs.

To learn about your precise benefits and what your Cigna policy pays for, call Phoenix Rising today. We can provide Cigna insurance verification for rehab. Caring support specialists provide this service to help you understand what your insurance covers. Getting the help you need is not as hard as you think.

Your Health Insurance Pays for Cigna Drug Rehab

Man discussing Cigna Drug Rehab in Palm Springs, CAThanks to the legislation of the past ten years, your health insurance works to pay for your Cigna drug rehab, just as it pays for other healthcare needs. These law changes occurred mainly because the American Medical Association publicly recognized addiction as a legitimate disease. By doing so, health insurance companies must provide benefits for this disease, just like it does for any other.

What does this mean for you? It means that the care you receive in a Cigna drug rehab and under the terms of your insurance policy must be equally paid for, as compared to what your policy covers for heart disease, asthma, diabetes or even cancer. When you have insurance that provides payment for office visits, lab tests, screenings, assessments, medications, and even hospitalizations for those other diseases, it must provide the same for addiction recovery.

This is a wonderful change from days gone by. In the past, health insurance could deny any payment for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. You could even lose your policy altogether if the insurance company found out you suffered addiction. Today, those things do not happen. Instead, insurance companies want you healthy.

How does treating your addiction help the insurance company save money? Consider that having a substance use disorder is detrimental in many ways. It makes you more likely to visit the ER for overdose, infections, and other diseases. It also makes you more likely to require hospitalization and treatment for a wide variety of long term diseases. So keeping you healthy and helping you overcome your addiction is in the insurance company’s best interest.

What Level of Care and Which Services Does Your Cigna Insurance Support?

When you undergo an addiction assessment from your doctor or before entering rehab treatment, that assessment establishes your medical need for drug rehab treatment. This medical need confirms to the insurance company that you will not get well for the long term on your own. It shows that, unless you receive therapy and the right level of care in Cigna drug rehab, you will continue suffering in addiction.

When entering Cigna drug rehab in Palm Springs, CA, your insurance company advises what level of care it financially supports. If your assessment shows a severe addiction, your insurance more likely covers programs like detox and residential rehab treatment. A mid-level addiction usually justifies the insurance company paying all or part of your detox with PHP, IOP, or OP programs. Of course, this varies from person-to-person, policy-by-policy and from one insurance company to another.

Whatever the level of care your insurance supports, your policy usually also covers therapies and other treatments. This means you suffer less out-of-pocket cost when receiving the treatment accepted by your policy. Of course, you have the option to request a higher level of care, if you believe you need more inclusive treatment. After all, your treatment is about achieving your best chance of long term recovery.

What Therapies Does my Palm Springs, CA Cigna Drug Rehab Insurance Include?

Your Cigna drug rehab in Palm Springs, CA, includes the therapies and treatments you need for a better future, one of complete recovery. At Phoenix Rising, these therapies and treatments include:

  • Detox and sober living
  • Residential, PHP, IOP and OP rehab programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Extended 90-day treatment
  • Psychodrama, trauma therapy, and individual therapy
  • Neurofeedback and biofeedback therapy
  • Fitness center with pool, rec room and jacuzzi

When you complete your rehab treatment at Phoenix Rising, you do not leave the program for a solitude journey back to daily life. Instead, you maintain support from caring staff and your peers through sober living, alumni events, one year of case management and job placement services. So call Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, CA, now at 8669851103 to learn more about your Cigna drug rehab insurance coverage and where your new life in recovery begins.