About Phoenix Rising Recovery Center in Palm Springs, California

At Phoenix Rising Recovery, we strive to provide our clients with recovery options that truly revitalize their minds and bodies. We work hard to ensure your treatment returns you to the person you were before addiction took hold. What our clients love about Phoenix Rising Recovery is that you can receive the compassionate care you need in an addiction treatment program that suits you perfectly here in Palm Springs, California. Creating a perfect fit has long been a part of the Phoenix Rising mission statement.

“Our mission is to provide authentic, compassionate, and innovative care to adults struggling with substance use/abuse addictions and co-occurring issues.”

About Phoenix Rising Recovery

The Phoenix comes from the Egyptian myth of a great bird. This bird is said to have destroyed itself by fire and reemerged from its own ashes to start anew. This imagery is what we have based our addiction treatment around.

Phoenix Rising Treatment Center

Like the Phoenix, we believe that anyone can rise from the ashes of defeat. When you learn about Phoenix Rising Recovery, you learn that we guide each person into learning how to build a strong foundation of recovery. Our purpose and passion is to empower people, families and communities. To that end, we work to do so through the promotion of optimal wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Phoenix Rising offers a social detox with a withdrawal management recovery model and residential therapeutic treatment approach with the inclusion of evidence-based treatment in Palm Springs, CA.

The Phoenix Rising Mission and Treatment Goals

Our goal is to help our clients gain insight and learn the necessary tools and skills to thrive without the use of substances. We also want to help them manage their co-occurring disorders and increase their quality of life following their stay at our Palm Springs addiction treatment center.

Additionally, we believe that treating the underlying conditions specific to the addiction is essential. By doing so, we will help each person gain insight into the reasons behind their substance use/abuse. Furthermore, we use mindfulness practices and integrate ACT, CBT, and DBT philosophies into our methods. This helps our clients cope with grief, stress, anger, and unhealthy emotions that trigger addictive behaviors.

By encouraging prolonged care, structure, and a sense of community, we assist each individual person is not only defining but reaching their goals.

Why Choose Phoenix Rising Recovery in Palm Springs, CA?

Phoenix Rising allows you to find recovery in a safe and nurturing environment. Our addiction treatment facility is located in notoriously sunny Palm Springs, CA; however, there is more to this area than the perpetually warm climate.

Our recovery centers in the Palm Springs area are equipped with comfortable rehab amenities. We offer spacious rooms and clean facilities as well as a jacuzzi, an outside gym, and an outdoor patio. Not to mention we conduct group outings and offer outdoor activities similar to those at a wilderness rehab, which allows our clients to surround themselves with nature while they heal from addiction. Palm Springs, California boasts breathtaking mountain views which allows us to offer a host of outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing and swimming.

Phoenix Rising Recovery sponsorshipCommunity Service at Phoenix Rising Recovery

Phoenix Rising Recovery is proud to provide sponsorships to different programs such as the Desert United Soccer Club girls’ team. Our sponsorship helps to provide this group of talented young athletes with the gear they need to play each match during the soccer season.


Check-Out Our 5-Star Testimonials

“Five stars is not enough for Phoenix Rising! They should have ten stars! I punched and screamed to go inpatient. I was only going to stay for detox which is 7-8 days. And the love and compassion all there employees have I decided to stay an extra 3 weeks. There group sessions are amazing. Individual sessions are awesome! By the end of my treatment I didn’t want to leave. I felt at home with everyone. I grew as a person. We became a family. Phoenix makes you feel like no matter what your important! They take the time to care.” – Katrina D.

“This place saved my life. I had no idea that I had a purpose until I came to Phoenix rising everyone is so great here staff is like family to every client they make you feel at home thank you Phoenix rising for giving me a chance at life.” – Dizzy C.

“PRR helped me get my life back! Wonderful staff, wonderful experience. I am forever grateful. If you need help, these are your people!” – Brie B.

“Being at IOP is a great transition from residential to life. I’ve learned even more life skills along with confidence and a life long treatment plan. I want to thank Michelle and Marcia for always being there for me through their education and experience. You guys rock!!!! My whole family thanks all of you.” – David K.

“This place truly helped me get on the path of recovery! Going through detox, was something I couldn’t do alone and when I reached out and they let me come I hoped I’d make it through alive. Which once I got settled In I knew this was the right place to be during that time. The staff are incredible and I truly felt love and kindness, from them in some of my sickest moments. I have already recommended this place to someone and I’ve barely left 12hrs ago! & I will keep recommending them when someone needs help. Thank you everyone at Phoenix Rising!” – Jillian H.

Learn More About Phoenix Rising Recovery

When you learn more about Phoenix Rising Recovery, you’ll come to understand how our substance abuse treatment programs in Palm Springs, California help individuals achieve long-term sobriety. Our residential treatment and outpatient treatment centers offer several programs, including an intensive outpatient program, partial hospitalization program, and aftercare services. If you’re ready to begin the journey toward a life of renewal, give Phoenix Rising a call or reach out using our contact form. Our compassionate staff members are ready to be your guides on the road to recovery.