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Addiction Treatment

For most users, the initial step toward recovery is admitting their struggle with substance addiction. The following step is determining which substance abuse treatment program will help revive their overall wellness, health, and happiness.

Anybody suffering from addiction will require substance abuse treatment in order to recover. Treatments vary from intensive residential treatment to outpatient treatment. Various therapy forms are beneficial for several kinds of substance addiction. Recovery isn’t easy, but the route to sobriety starts by enlisting into rehab in California.

Treatment might or might not involve medication-assisted treatment depending on the kind and severity of their substance addiction. For addiction treatment to be effective, patients must commit to therapy and counseling. Deciding the precise type of substance abuse treatment is essential.

Addiction is a medical disease that can only be cured by enrolling in substance abuse treatment in California. Some users with severe forms of addiction enter a detoxification program previous to joining rehab. Substance abuse treatment will include various therapeutic elements. Some patients require a 30-day enrollment at a substance abuse treatment center. For others, the process starts with outpatient therapy sessions. 

Recovery from addiction will depend entirely on the efforts put into the process. Explore the techniques in which addiction is treated below to understand the process better.

California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Options

Addiction treatment programs will differ per individual and are customized based on their unique requirements and conditions. The most efficient forms of treatment programs will ensure that rehab patients are also actively included in each step of the process.

Substance Detox

Detoxification is a primary form of substance abuse treatment that an addict receives. The detox process involves slowly tapering off the substance within the body to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. While detoxing, patients are monitored by a medical team on a 24- hour basis. Detoxing on an outpatient basis allows patients to receive prescription medications or the ability to attend medical appointments to further their substance abuse treatment. 

Residential Treatment

Inpatient treatment allows structured treatment programs intended to discuss all aspects of the patient’s substance addiction. While attending inpatient rehab, patients live in a substance-free facility while receiving 24-hour medical attention and therapeutic care.

Inpatient treatment is most suited for those suffering from chronic addiction, as well as those suffering from a behavioral or co-occurring disorder.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient rehabs are another method of comprehensive addiction treatment. These programs allow several identical varieties of efficient procedures and therapies as inpatient rehabs offer. The difference is, outpatient rehabs enable patients to remain at home during their recovery process. Patients will continue working, going to school, or caring for loved ones while attending weekly treatment sessions.

Our outpatient rehab in California is built for individuals with mild forms of addiction and are committed to recovery. Outpatient programs are additionally an exceptional step-down program after inpatient treatment and are usually coupled with sober living homes.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs produce a lower level of care than inpatient treatment programs. You may still reside at the California substance abuse treatment facility or in a sober living home within a short distance. You’ll also receive comparable services while attending fewer hours of therapy and having the ability to leave the facility for work, school, or family visits.

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes serve as a residential connection linking an inpatient treatment facility and the re-entry back onto the real world. This is an outstanding option for recovery patients who need extra time, strengthening what they had learned in rehab. Sober living homes support patients in recovery by strengthening their brand-new healthy habits while continuing to reside in the comfort of a structured atmosphere.

Addiction Treatment Medications

During the detox process and addiction treatment, addiction professionals will prescribe medication to help with easing withdrawal symptoms. These medications are utilized for an assortment of purposes, including reducing cravings, maintaining withdrawal symptoms, or treating co-occurring disorders. Addiction treatment medications produce the most efficient results when coupled with a comprehensive treatment program.

Staging an Intervention

An intervention is conducted by an intervention specialist and includes loved ones and the individual whos suffering from addiction. The purpose of an intervention is to encourage loved ones to constructively communicate their feelings and inspire the addict to enter a substance abuse treatment program.

Substance Abuse Treatment Process

The substance abuse treatment process starts when you contact a rehab facility, therapist, or hospital for treatment. You’ll receive a short assessment over the phone, but the entire intake and assessment process occurs when the patient arrives at the facility. The process begins with detox, then transition through the forms of treatment, or maybe do an outpatient detox. Depending on the substance and length of time of abusing will determine which type of treatment is better suited.


During the admissions process, you’ll converse to an admissions representative about your addiction and inform you of what the facility offers. If the treatment center provides the services fit to handle your condition, you’ll commit, and then discuss how quickly you can start treatment. 


The moment you arrive at the treatment center, you’ll undergo a comprehensive health assessment. Throughout this stage, health professionals will inquire into your medical conditions, history of substance abuse, and family relationships. You’ll also undergo a short orientation that introduces you to the treatment center along with discussing the rules and procedures. 

Length of Treatment

The length of stay at our California substance abuse treatment facility will depend on the severity of the addiction, which substances abused, and any co-occurring mental health disorders. Opioid addiction ordinarily requires a month of inpatient treatment and years of aftercare medication-assisted treatment. A minor addiction to alcohol typically only requires a few months of outpatient treatment.

Rehab in California can seem incredibly daunting from a distance. The Phoenix Rising team is here to show you that substance abuse treatment is not only manageable but necessary. Our substance abuse treatment facility in California offers a wide array of treatment options to our high-end amenities to our aftercare program; we are here to help you begin the path to recovery.

Why You Need a Rehab in California

People often say that the hardest part of treatment is admitting you need help in the first place. Addiction is usually a gradual and insidious force. However, with a little perspective, you can see that there is a problem and that there is hope to change it.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people hold pre-rehab is that their addiction is only harming themselves. This is rarely the case. Substance abuse takes a toll on your loved ones, be it financial or emotional. Even if you were only hurting yourself, you still deserve to be healthy and in control.

Options for California Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

substance abuse treatment California

We have a diverse array of offerings at our substance abuse treatment center in Palm Springs, CA. The key to a sufficient rehab experience is crafting a treatment plan that is specific to you. This is why we provide such a diverse set of options. Here are some of our treatment programs.

  • Evidence-Based Therapies: These therapy choices are designed based on the most recent psychological studies of addiction. It includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.
  • Alternative Therapies: These are options that break the mold in their approach to treatment. While still heavily based in science, they incorporate other healing philosophies as well. These options include equine therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and psychodrama therapy.
  • Holistic Healing: These treatment methods will heal your mind, body, and soul by helping you find balance. The Phoenix Rising substance abuse treatment program in Palm Springs, CA, holistic options include yoga, physical fitness, and mindful meditation.
  • Aftercare Programs: These programs are for alumni of our primary programs. They keep clients in contact with a support group. They may provide sober living homes and professional connections as well. Once you join the Phoenix Rising family, our doors are always open to you.
  • Equine Therapy: Animals offer a level of unmatched comfort and support. Furthermore, caring for another living creature helps teach empathy, self-care, and responsibility.
  • Personal Chef: Physical wellness isn’t just about exercise; it’s also about diet. The personal chef at our drug abuse treatment center in Palm Springs, CA, creates healthy recipes that help keep our clients well-nourished and ready to face the next step of their recovery journeys.

List of Amenities at Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is a high-end facility with lots of amenities at our substance abuse treatment center in Palm Springs, CA. Here some of the things we provide.

  • Pool and Jacuzzi: Our pool provides you with an opportunity to exercise and have fun. Our jacuzzi lets you relax. Both of these options take full advantage of the beautiful southern California weather.
  • Secluded Facility: Our treatment center is located on a scenic ranch and feels remote and secure. This makes it all the easier to break away from your everyday patterns and enjoy the moment. It also means that we have horses on-site for equine therapy.
  • Sober Living: We not only have 18 rooms on site for clients to stay in, but we have off-campus housing as well. Sober living homes help keep our clients accountable and comfortable during their treatment.
  • Gym and Personal Trainer: Total healing begins with mind and body wellness. Therefore, we offer a full gym and personal trainer to help our clients achieve physical wellness during recovery.

Get Help Today

Whether you are interested in alcohol detox, drug detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, or a partial hospitalization program, we have everything you need.

If you want to learn more about the drug abuse treatment center in Palm Springs, CA, at Phoenix Rising, contact us today. Don’t wait! We are here to help you begin your path to recovery.