What Is a Motivational Enhancement Therapy Program (MET)? MET is a therapy technique that works to eliminate feelings of apathy and/or confusion about why you need treatment. In other words, it works to establish the clear reasons that you’re not as “in control” of your addiction as you may think you are.

Accepting that you’re no longer in control of what you do is a first step in the healing process for many within our holistic therapy program.

Who Benefits Most from MET?

Truthfully, if there’s little inner will to change, a person cannot overcome addiction. It’s that simple. So family members and professionals can get you into rehab. But if you don’t want to make the best of it, you won’t realize the benefits or find lasting recovery.

That’s why a motivational enhancement therapy program in Palm Springs, CA helps people who are in this in-between place.  To achieve better understanding of your addiction as well as its impact, we use motivational interviewing techniques to urge discussion about use.

To this end, you’ll also explore how it’s affecting your life. Then through this same process, you establish the reasons you need to change. Finally, you’ll develop a clear plan to do it.

A motivational therapist may ask you to take a close look at things you don’t want to look at so you can get honest about how the substance is impacting your life areas like:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Career/Education

Your Phoenix Rising therapist works with you, encouraging you and monitoring how well you’re sticking with the plan you developed to make a change and renew your life.

Research shows that a MET can be especially effective if you’re abusing alcohol or marijuana and less effective with other types of drug abuse.

How a Motivational Enhancement Therapy Program Works

Like so many things in life, it’s best to manage addiction from multiple angles. So a MET program should be combined with both evidence-based and complementary programs such as:

How Does Phoenix Rising Use MET to Help Clients Heal?

Phoenix Rising’s motivational enhancement therapy program in Palm Springs CA incorporates MET with the evidence-based therapies and supplementary programs listed above and more.

We help you learn more about who you are and why you want to be free of substances. Additionally, we help you figure out how you’ll accomplish your life and recovery goals. To that end, we work to meet your individual needs with levels of care like:

On our 4-acre ranch, we offer clients a place of rest, healing and renewal. Also, we are sensitive to cultural differences and make accommodations for various religious observances, as needed. On-site, you’ll enjoy a pool, gym, rec room, and Jacuzzi in which to relax and recover.

On top of the care you receive in our programs, after you’ve completed a program with us, we stand by you. We support you in your job search for up to one year as you begin to reestablish your life.

Complete renewal of body and mind is within your reach. You don’t have to let addiction control you any longer. And through a motivational enhancement therapy program in Palm Springs, CA we can help you find the reasons to get on and stay on the recovery path.

To learn more about MET and our complete range of holistic treatment programs, call us at 8552328211 to experience renewal, healing and hope for the future.