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Relapse Prevention Plan

Apr 2019 Relapse Prevention Plan

The saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Without a doubt, this particular saying would be applicable to someone leaving rehab after addiction treatment. After all the hard work that goes into recovering from an addiction, no one wants to experience a relapse. The best tool for avoiding such an event would be a solid relapse prevention plan. No one should ever leave rehab without such a plan as a safety net.

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

It’s generally understood that those suffering from addiction have a poor record of living without structure. That’s also usually one of the traits that enables someone to maintain an addiction. With that said, a good relapse prevention plan will often pay dividends if the individual adheres to it.

A good relapse prevention plan has a few important characteristics. First, it provides a sequential road-map to guide the individual’s actions once a relapse seems possible. It’s also easy to understand, and it’s best for the recovering addiction sufferer to share it with others. That way, they can identify support resources and know where to find those support resources. Finally, a relapse prevention plan will lay out how the individual should react if they actually relapse.

Here’s a list of things a relapse prevention plan should address:

  • The individual’s triggers and what creates temptation
  • How to react when cravings start
  • What support resources are available immediately and in the near future
  • Who to contact for support and assistance
  • How to make amends for collateral damage to ensure higher levels of support

Resources Available From Rehab

Upon leaving a rehab facility, the client should then seek access to the facility’s aftercare program. These aftercare programs will detail where the client can find 12-Step meetings and sober living homes. They might also point out how to continue some level of outpatient counseling as a quasi-maintenance program. All of these components of aftercare can play a huge role in a relapse prevention plan.

The Role of Phoenix Rising Recovery

At our Palm Springs treatment facility, we play the role of facilitator and guide for our clients. Our goal is to help each person understand the nature of their illness, treat it, and then arm the client to prevent relapse. If we do our job properly, everybody wins in the end. Here’s some information about our facility:

If you are ready to move past your addiction, Phoenix Rising Recovery is ready to help you do just that. From detox to a relapse prevention plan, we can take you through the entire addiction treatment process. You can start your recovery journey now by calling one of our representatives at 855.232.8211.