How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Aug 2019 How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

You’ve heard that checking into a private behavioral health facility is more expensive than going to a hospital. However, you also know that the care you receive there is more personalized. Because this is important to you, you’re trying to figure out how to pay for rehab there. How much does drug rehab cost anyway?

The Care Delivery Option You Choose Has a Lot to do with the Cost of Rehab

Chemical addiction isn’t something that responds well to a uniform treatment plan. Because addiction is a chronic disease that affects everyone differently, it’s essential to choose a facility that customizes care. This level of individualized treatment begins at the therapy delivery.

How much does drug rehab cost when you require a full continuum of care? Consider that it might include:

  • Detoxification that lets you quit using a substance safely and with full therapy support
  • Residential treatment, which encourages you to live at the facility and practice sober living around the clock
  • Extended care 90 day rehab program in Palm Springs, CA
  • Outpatient treatment that allows for step-down care from an inpatient setting
  • Sober living, which offers a buffer between program graduation and a return to independent living

Taking advantage of the 90-day rehab program in Palm Springs, CA, counts on costs more than a partial hospitalization. The latter eliminates the need for staying at the facility. Besides that, you might opt for a different entry point altogether. Some program participants do well with an intensive outpatient treatment model.

Therefore, it’s impossible to give a complete accounting upfront. After all, choosing the right treatment model depends on your needs. Moreover, you may not identify them accurately until you had a chance to discuss your case with a therapist.

What Happens at Rehab?

No matter what treatment delivery option you select, you undergo evidence-based therapy. These care methods show excellent results for other people whom chemical dependency has trapped. Therefore, you may benefit from them, too. Examples are:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment that helps you manage depression, anxiety, or another underlying mental illness
  • Trauma treatment as a tool for processing negative episodes adequately
  • Exercise therapy that emphasizes the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle during the healing process
  • Behavioral treatment that empowers the development of successful coping mechanisms
  • Equine therapy, which opens the door to introspection and the emergence of self-esteem

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost When You Have Insurance?

Insurance is a game-changer for many clients. When you work with a facility that accepts all major insurances, you may not have to pay out of pocket. Another option is to pick a rehab center that is in-network with major insurers. This cuts down significantly on any co-pays or co-insurance payments you might have.

Bottom Line: What Will Rehab Cost?

When you check in with the rehab facility, an intake specialist runs an insurance verification. It enables the professional to act as your representative. You’ll receive a rundown of the percentages your individual insurance plan pays. It’s a great way of planning for your care.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in California?

The cost of rehab at our facility in Palm Springs, California depends on multiple different factors including; levels of care needed, duration of treatment and types of therapy. If you are wondering how much rehab costs here in California, contact our team today and we will walk you through the costs for our different types of treatment. Don’t wait any longer to get help. Dial 855-232-8211 now.