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90 Day Rehab Program

Everyone knows that rehab is a big part of getting over drug addiction. While detox is a necessary step, rehab is what helps people avoid relapse. However, sometimes a 30- or 60-day rehab program isn’t enough. For that reason, 90 day rehab is available.

What Is 90 Day Rehab?

Man learns of the benefits of a 90 day rehab programNearly everything that people need to know about a 90 day rehab program is in the name itself. Basically, it’s a rehab program that lasts for 90 days. A treatment facility might also refer to it as extended rehab.

Since this program requires people to stay in rehab for longer, it will cost more. If that’s the case, is it financially worth it to enroll in one? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), yes. The NIDA states that rehab that lasts less than 90 days has a limited to no effect on long-term recovery.

However, aftercare plays a significant role in helping people overcome relapse. Once extended-care treatment ends, it’s very beneficial to enroll in an aftercare program Palm Desert CA. Its purpose is to continue offering support long after traditional rehab ends.

Benefits of Extended Rehab

Knowing what 90 day rehab is doesn’t explain why it’s so effective. In order to understand, people have to know the benefits too.

Firstly, extended rehab gives people a chance to focus on recovery. During the first week, the treatment center focuses on detox and dealing with the physical side of recovery. During the last week, people in treatment look more forward to returning home than learning as much as possible. In a 30-day program, this pattern leaves only two full weeks of focused addiction education and treatment.

Secondly, a 90 day rehab program gives people some breathing room from the demands and temptations of everyday life. They don’t have to worry about triggers, and they have more time to master recovery skills. These skills will help them deal with temptations after rehab.

Also, 90 Day rehab gives people a chance to change their habits. Changing habitual behaviors isn’t easy. It takes time, which is something that extended-care rehab offers more of than shorter programs. Since changing old habits is an essential part of avoiding relapse, it’s easy to see why extended-care programs are so important.

What Makes a Good Extended-Care Program?

While the length of time that people are in rehab is essential, there’s more to making rehab great. When people choose a rehab center, they also have to consider the services that it offers. Certain services can help them recover faster and stay sober for longer.

One example is dual diagnosis treatment. Addiction is a mental disorder, and the brain becomes more susceptible to disorders once one develops. Sometimes, addiction leads to the development of another disorder. Other times, an underlying disorder leads to addiction.
In either case, dual diagnosis treatment helps people deal with both problems. Failure to deal with both makes them more prone to relapse after treatment.

Phoenix Rising Is Here to Help

Are you looking for a 90 day rehab program in Palm Springs, California? If so, consider visiting Phoenix Rising. We offer a number of unique treatments. Our 90 day rehab is ideal for those who want long-term treatment.

At Phoenix Rising, we have a wide range of programs and services. We strive to provide all of the resources that you need to have the best chance for recovery. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Don’t cut your rehab short with a program that only lasts 30 or 60 days. Find out more about 90 day rehab. Reach out to Phoenix Rising today at 8552328211 to learn more about what we can offer you.