What Are Some Reality Therapy Techniques?

Aug 2019 What Are Some Reality Therapy Techniques?

When you go through rehab treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you learn many new ways of looking at situations and your relationships. One such therapy is reality therapy. Through reality therapy techniques, you learn better problem solving as well as how to reach the goals you set for yourself. But what is reality therapy, and how can you use it in your recovery?

The best way to learn reality therapy techniques is to find a rehab with a reality therapy program in Palm Springs, CA. In this program, you learn these techniques by practicing them also. You also gain the focus and clarity you need to start achieving real improvement.

What Is Reality Therapy?

Reality therapy is a type of therapy that helps you meet your unfulfilled needs, set goals, solve problems, and also create better connections with other people. For example, the five human needs that this therapy recognizes include:

  • Survival
  • Love and belonging
  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Fun

In your addiction counseling program, your therapist helps you identify which of these needs remain unmet in your life. You start making better decisions and achieving your goals.

What Are Some Reality Techniques?

So now that you know the definition of reality therapy, what are some reality therapy techniques? For real change, this therapy shows you that you must learn new skills, practice them, and then apply them on an ongoing basis to achieve the life you want.

One of the most common reality therapy techniques involves six steps for change. These six steps include:


You need to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Acknowledge their point of view, concerns they have as well as your own concerns, your problems, and what worked in the past. Then use action talk and do not label or overgeneralize the problem.


Work together to see and understand the future clearly using action words. Open yourself up to the idea of change. Come to an agreement on your mutual direction, vision, or mission.

Identification of Problems and Solutions

Identify the potential hurdles you face and how you can overcome them by considering what problems popped up in the past. Also, draw from your experience to identify what tools are available to you for overcoming those hurdles. Identify methods or thoughts that have not helped you in the past.

Plan Your Action

Create an action plan while remembering that small steps work best in the beginning. Set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and also time-oriented (S.M.A.R.T.).


Take action on your SMART goals. Review your results and then make changes as needed. Break unhealthy or negative thought patterns and stay the course until you achieve your goal.

Accept credit and give it where it is due. Celebrate to acknowledge your achievements.

Addiction Treatment to Create Your New Reality

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish your life was different? If so, then you can make the changes needed to achieve the life you want. These changes start with seeking the Palm Springs, CA rehab treatment you need for addiction recovery.

Programs and therapies essential to your recovery include:

Phoenix Rising provides all of these programs and therapies in Palm Springs, CA. To learn more about reality therapy techniques and other methods used in quality rehab treatment, call Phoenix Rising now at 8552328211.