Recovering from addiction can seem impossible to do alone. Here at Phoenix Rising, we make sure to give you every bit of support you need to make the journey. The core of good treatment is addiction counseling services. We want to ensure that you understand your relationship with addiction as well as how to heal.

We are here to give you hope, to remind you that you’re not alone, and to give you clarity.

The Power of Addiction Counseling Services

The scariest part of addiction is that it’s never simple. Many variables work together to make each person’s addiction arduous and unique. Therefore, the key to overcoming this multifaceted obstacle is to understand it.

At Phoenix Rising, we approach addiction counseling services from multiple angles. One such angle is dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is the practice of addressing any co-occurring mental illnesses with the addiction itself. Whether it be anxiety, depression, or trauma, addiction rarely occurs by itself.

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But which came first? Is one primarily exacerbating the other or are they both equal and synergistic? We aim to address these questions so that you understand yourself and your addiction. If you try to address addiction without looking at underlying issues or trauma, the recovery may not last.

A Holistic Approach

One of the reasons we are among the best of the California addiction counseling services is our mastery of holistic healing. Some rehab centers opt for medication-assisted treatment, but we believe the goal to healing is balance. We offer services that will help restore your mind, body, and spirit.

This includes physical fitness. On our campus, we provide a number of options to keep you healthy and active. We have an in-house gym that you are free to use. Furthermore, we have a pool and jacuzzi for fun, exercise, and relaxation. We also offer programs that will help you work out, learn yoga, and rest.

We also take full advantage of our location in beautiful Palm Springs, California. Our facility is located on a secluded and serene ranch. We even have horses for the purpose of equine therapy, which is overseen by a therapist and a horse expert. We will help you break away from your daily routine and find peace in nature.

Addiction therapy services are another cornerstone of our treatment philosophy. They range from the more “evidence-based” approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, to the more alterntive approaches, such as psychodrama and art therapy. Other addiction therapy options include individual and group therapy, music therapy, family therapy, and trauma therapy.

Our Addiction Counseling Services

We are here for every part of your recovery journey, be it detox or aftercare. We also offer a wide variety of options for every possible need or commitment level. With such a diverse array of services and treatment methods, you can tailor your recovery to your specific needs. Here are our services.

Finally, to learn more about addiction counseling services at Phoenix Rising, call us at 855.232.8211 today! We are here to help you begin your journey to recovery!