Most clients at Phoenix Rising undergo a 30-day rehab. It’s an excellent time frame that neatly bundles a variety of care approaches to facilitate healing. What should you expect during this stay? Most importantly, how will it help you heal from a substance abuse problem?

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Residential 30 Day Rehab? therapist fills out intake form for patient to enter 30 day rehab

You want to stop abusing a drug or alcohol. You’ve probably already tried cutting back at home. Time and again, you tried to limit your use of the substance. However, you weren’t successful.

Whenever you tried to set a limit, you’d blow right past it. Recently, you also noticed that you deal with withdrawal symptoms when you don’t use. It’s clear that you need professional help. Phoenix Rising therapists routinely work with good people like you who need assistance with quitting a substance.

30, 60, or 90 Days? 

Almost all clients do very well during a 30-day rehab. That said, some clients need a little extra time. Maybe you’ve been using for a long time and need longer to work through your reasons. This isn’t a problem. 

At the 30, 60, or 90-day rehab center Southern CA trusts, you can take the time you need. There’s no rush. Each client is unique and heals at their own pace. Therefore, everyone’s care approach looks different, too. 

Evidence-Based Treatments Help You Heal 

Therapists customize a care approach for your stay. That’s because everyone comes to Phoenix Rising with a different background and reason for using. Therefore, it’s essential that you receive a care protocol that focuses on your unique situation. Possible modalities include:

  • Behavioral counseling, which helps you switch out dysfunctional patterns with healthy coping skills 
  • One-on-one counseling that empowers you to open up about sensitive situations 
  • Group therapy, which includes process groups and psychodrama 
  • Neurofeedback as a tool for exercising your brain to strengthen desirable brainwave patterns 
  • Mindfulness training to deal with anxiety or stress through breathing exercises and guided visualization 

Choosing a Treatment Delivery Method That Makes Sense 

What should a 30-day rehab program Palm Springs, CA trusts look like? Once again, it depends on your care needs. Options include:

  • Medical drug detoxification that could consist of medication-assisted treatment to end physical addiction 
  • A residential 30-day rehab program that provides you with living accommodations at the facility 
  • Partial hospitalization program participation for clients who have a good support network at home 
  • An intensive outpatient treatment that allows for a part-time approach to healing from substance abuse 
  • Step-down care after an initial 30-day rehab stay at the facility 

Not everyone needs detoxification at the onset of care. If you already succeeded with breaking the physical addiction, you’re in an excellent position to start with clinical care immediately. Similarly, you might initially enroll in the 30-day rehab program Palm Springs, CA trusts but later change your mind. You can always upgrade your care approach. 

Healing Isn’t Just about Therapy 

Obviously, the therapeutic interventions are the catalysts for healing from addiction. However, processing what you learn is just as important. That’s why Phoenix Rising created a setting that works well for you to talk through what you’re learning. Social interactions with peers in recovery are essential.

Besides that, the venue allows you to relax and pause. Today’s hectic lifestyles make this almost impossible. Therefore, you’ll enjoy your time in the pool, Jacuzzi, and beautiful grounds. Take advantage of the spa-like look and feel of the locale.

As you work through the therapies and develop new coping mechanisms, you can feel yourself gaining the upper hand. Isn’t it time to enroll in the 30-day rehab program at Phoenix Rising and see what this feels like? Renewal is just a quick phone call away. Call 8552328211 today!