When fighting against addiction, addiction treatment centers like Phoenix Rising Recovery have to maintain options. Every client who enters rehab does so with a different story and set of circumstances. Standard addiction treatment programs will usually be sufficient for a large number of clients. However, there are always exceptions. While most clinicians prefer to choose the least restrictive treatment options possible, sometimes the most straightforward path is not the best path to recovery. That’s why long term drug rehab is always a viable treatment option.

What is Long Term Drug Rehab

Group session of counseling at a long term drug rehabIf a standard drug rehab program ranges in time from 30 to 90 days, it’s clear a long term drug rehab would be over 90 days. It’s indeed quite restrictive for the client who needs to stay in treatment for over 90 days. With that said, some patients need to stay in an inpatient treatment facility for up to 6 months.

Using Southern California has an example, there are two classifications of patients who need long term drug rehab Southern California style. The first classification is the client who enters rehab with an undeniable deep-rooted addiction problem. That could include clients who have been abusing alcohol for years or also heroin users who simply can’t put the needle down.

The other classification of clients who might require a long term drug rehab is the one experiencing chronic relapses. By the time someone comes into treatment, for say the fourth time, there are serious underlying issues. Obviously, standard drug rehab programs aren’t getting the job done. In those cases, drastic measures come into play, and nothing is more drastic than having to spend months in treatment.

What to Expect From Long Term Drug Rehab

Phoenix Rising Recovery’s long term drug rehab Southern California option is an intense version of treatment. Even our aftercare program Palm Springs CA options can be intense. Therefore, we take seriously our responsibility to deliver the level of care each client needs.

The treatment process always begins with an intake assessment. Our clinicians need information from the client in order to determine what type of treatment program(s) will be necessary. After making the assessment, the clinician will prescribe the proper treatment option. If they place a client in a long term drug rehab program, it almost assures a detox program will be necessary. The only way a client can realistically focus on treatment is after they clear their mind and body of residual cravings. They also need to get past what could amount to significant withdrawals symptoms.

After one to two weeks in detox, the client will move on to the therapy phase of treatment. They will get an opportunity to work towards one goal with a professional therapist. That one goal is finding the truth about their addiction. Is this necessary? While some treatment professionals might debate this point, it makes sense one can only fix problems they recognize. That’s really the whole point of therapy. The client needs to understand the causes of their addiction in order to understand how to combat it. The ongoing fight will also require very specific life and coping skills.

More About Phoenix Rising Recovery

In our Palm Springs facility, we take a very modern approach towards treatment. We prefer to deliver treatment through a combination of evidence based treatment programs in conjunction with holistic treatment options. Simply put, we feel it’s essential to address the total well-being of each patient. With that as our primary objective, here are a few of the treatment options we might employ:

You need not feel shame about needing a long term drug rehab program to treat your addiction. The important things are for you to submit to the level of care you need for a fruitful recovery. Phoenix Rising Recovery will be proud to help you in that fight. For more information, please contact one of our reps at 855.232.8211.