What is Lean?

Jun 2019 What is Lean?

As the saying goes, life imitates art. The same is true in the drug culture, where many hip-hop fans find themselves lured into the abuse of new substances their on-stage idols tout. Lean is one such drug. But what is lean, and is it risky?

What is lean?

Lean also goes by other names, like purple drank and sizzurp. But what is purple drank, and how do people obtain it? What are the risks associated with using this drug? What is purple drank doing to my teen or adult loved one?

Let’s start with the first question, “What is lean?” It is a party drug that launched from Houston into the drug culture throughout the United States. It is a mix of prescription cough syrup containing codeine with soda and flavor enhancers, such as hard candies called Jolly Ranchers. The candies and sugary soda make the cough syrup easier to drink in large quantities.

These ingredients come from many American households, such as in your bathroom medicine cabinet. But codeine is like any other opioid, a deadly prescription painkiller that easily and quickly causes addiction. The only way out of a lean addiction is through detox, such as a quality drug detox center Palm Springs CA.

What are the risks associated with lean?

Lean is extremely dangerous. The dangers start with the opioid addiction to codeine. This addiction is deadly in and of itself. Or people who start with lean progress to other opioids, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, or fentanyl. After addiction, they also often transition to street drugs like heroin.

A second dangerous ingredient in the lean recipe is promethazine. Promethazine reduces nasal congestion caused by the common cold or allergies. It is also part of the cough syrup component of lean. Large amounts of this drug cause seizures, hallucinations, confusion, night terrors, and wheezing.

The combined use of the opioid codeine with promethazine brings a significant risk of death to your loved one. There is no sugar coating this risk, as many icons from the hip-hop world realized all too late. Multiple performers died using lean, while others realize their worst nightmares from a hospital bed after suffering potentially deadly seizures. Lil Wayne is one such celebrity who has experienced multiple hospitalizations after a lengthy battle with lean addiction.

Because no exact recipe for lean exists, most people just mix their drink on the fly. They pour in haphazard amounts of cough syrup, often increasing their dose each time they make their sizzurp. This makes it very easy to overdose on lean, as well as to build a codeine addiction.

What treatment does my loved one need for lean recovery?

For lean addiction or other substance abuse, the road to recovery starts in detox and rehab in a quality Palm Springs, CA treatment center. This treatment must include a mix of programs and therapies designed to treat the root problems of the addiction.

Programs used for the treatment of lean addiction include:

Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, CA provides all of these therapies and treatment methods. This quality treatment center is a place of renewal, one where your loved one works past the problems that led to an addiction to lean or other substances.

So ask yourself, “What is lean treatment able to do for my loved one?” The answer is clear that it brings life-changing improvements, sobriety, and a real chance at a better life. So call Phoenix Rising now at 8552328211 to give your loved an opportunity for their own renewal.