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Rehab Alumni Program

Completing rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is a major accomplishment. After you achieve sobriety, you’ll feel energized and motivated. The work doesn’t stop there, however. Finding an alumni program can be helpful as you navigate your newfound sobriety. Learn what the benefits of these types of programs are and why you should take part.

What Is a Rehab Alumni Program?

rehab alumni programAn alumni program may be called by different names depending on the rehab. Some call it an aftercare program, continuing care, aftercare, or rehab alumni program. They all describe the same thing, which is a way for those who have completed rehab to maintain connections in the recovery community.

First of all, you may attend local or even national events. Also, you’ll be encouraged to inspire others, particularly those going through treatment. Furthermore, you’ll form relationships with other alumni, giving all of you the chance to support each other in your continuing recovery.

The types of activities alumni programs offer certainly vary. Some will meet up at regular intervals to catch up and lend a supportive ear. Meetings may involve alumni speaking to current rehab residents as a way to encourage those going through treatment. Finally, you might also connect with your facility or other alumni via social media, email, or phone.

You can choose how active you want to be in an alumni program, but above all, it’s worth exploring one as you transition from rehab into ongoing recovery.

Recovery Is a Journey

Sobriety isn’t one step; it’s a series of steps you take every day as you abstain from drug and alcohol abuse. Some days will be harder than others, and this is true for everyone in recovery.

Most importantly, being part of an alumni program can help you face your challenges, big and small. Your peers are an invaluable source of inspiration and support. When you were dealing with substance abuse, you probably felt very alone, but you don’t have to feel that way anymore due to your connection with others who understand your experiences.

How an Alumni Program Can Help in Recovery

Your social circle doesn’t need to be very big, but it should always include people who are committed to your sobriety. Likewise, when you connect with others in a rehab alumni program, you can hold each other accountable as you recover.

The benefits of attending an alumni program include:

  • Being among peers who understand your struggles
  • Motivating others by sharing your own experiences
  • Enjoying a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Sharing tips for staying clean and sober
  • Making lifelong connections
  • Joining in sober activities

Also, many rehab facilities will check in with you after you complete treatment as part of their continuing care model.

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