What is Comorbidity?

Jun 2019 What is Comorbidity?

The existence of more than two illnesses or conditions in the same person is known as comorbidity. This can apply to several issues. It is often seen in the context of substance abuse and mental health conditions. These two issues occur in individuals quite frequently. Therefore, the terms “co-occurring disorders” or “dual diagnosis” can both describe the phenomenon. If you or someone you love is currently battling drug or alcohol addiction with a mental health disorder, Phoenix Rising has the resources and expert staff to help.

About Comorbidity

When you consider what is comorbidity, it’s essential to understand that one issue doesn’t necessarily cause the other. They may exist completely separately, yet still, affect each other. For example, it’s possible that you may be dealing with both drug addiction and depression, but that doesn’t mean you started taking drugs because of your depression or that you became depressed due to your drug use. It is possible that either of these could have happened, and it’s also true that one could potentially cause the other to worsen.

Treating Co-Morbid Disorders

That’s why it’s so important to work with professionals in a dual diagnosis treatment center Palm Springs CA offers. Co-occurring conditions of drug or alcohol addiction and mental health conditions are quite common. Because they are often interrelated, you want to work with practitioners who understand the intricacies involved in helping you to overcome both issues.

To understand what is comorbidity, you should know that there are some reasons such occurrences are so common. Both mental health problems and addiction can be hereditary. In addition, each has the potential to contribute to the other. Treating these conditions requires knowledgeable professionals with an understanding of both issues and the ways in which they interact.

How Phoenix Rising Can Help

In order to find the best options for recovery, it’s wise to look for a recovery center that treats dual diagnosis. Doing so ensures any mental health conditions and substance abuse problems are thoroughly addressed. With the assistance of qualified professionals, overcoming these obstacles can be much easier for you than trying to get healthy on your own.

Phoenix Rising offers:

Dealing with comorbidity of substance abuse and mental health successfully is possible when you have expert and caring support. You and your child don’t have to go through this time alone. Please feel free to call us at 8552328211 to learn more about your options and to discover how Phoenix Rising can help your teen on the road to recovery.