Physical Signs of Alcoholism

Apr 2019 Physical Signs of Alcoholism

Most of us are aware of the term “closet drinker.” The question is, “how can someone have a significant drinking addiction without people noticing?” Sometimes, people do notice, but decide to do nothing. Experts refer to these people as enablers. As for the other people surrounding the problem drinker, the issue usually relates to ignorance about the physical signs of alcoholism. Let’s explore that below.

What are the Physical Signs of Alcoholism?

Unfortunately, it’s quite possible a problem drinker would have more support if the people around them understood the extent of the drinker’s problem. Not many people struggling with the signs of alcoholism are going to step forward and admit they have a problem. If they do, they are also likely indicating they are ready to consider treatment to help with their illness.

Therefore, as a way to educate loved ones and friends on how to identify a drinking problem, we wanted to provide this list. The physical signs of alcoholism include:

  • Usually drinking alone, many times at home or in a local bar
  • Drinking at inappropriate times
  • Drinking anytime during the day
  • Always drinking too much, often to a state of blackout
  • Ignoring hygiene
  • Displaying withdrawal symptoms after periods of abstinence
  • Drinking to escape problems or responsibilities

Where to Get Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Whether it’s you or a loved one with the drinking problem, you need to know that help is available. The first step in the treatment process will likely be a stint in an alcohol detox center. It’s nearly impossible for someone to focus on counseling while dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Once the resident has finished withdrawal, they should be able to handle intensive counseling. The goal of this process is two-fold: determine the approximate cause of the addiction, and learn better life skills for relapse prevention.

What to Expect at our Palm Springs Alcohol Treatment Center

When residents enter our Palm Springs facility, they can expect a high level of care. We have built our custom programs around the latest addiction treatment methods. We also offer a complete list of addiction treatment services, all of which have proven results. The process often starts with detox and ends with us giving our residents access to some terrific aftercare options. In between those two programs, we offer the following treatment services:

Treat the Physical Signs of Alcoholism in Palm Springs, CA

If you recognize the physical signs of alcoholism in yourself or a loved one, the next step is to take action. That action should be to get the problem drinker into rehab as soon as possible. Left alone, a drinking problem will eventually land them in prison, a psych ward, or a funeral home. Don’t let that happen. Reach out to our team of alcoholism treatment specialists in Palm Springs, CA for help today at (855) 232-8211.