What Is Individual Therapy?

Feb 2020 What Is Individual Therapy?

Seeking treatment for drug addiction is a critical first step on your journey to a whole new you. Individual therapy is one of the treatment regimens that will play a critical part in your healing journey. You may be wondering — what is individual therapy, and do I need to take part in it? As you walk the path to sobriety, it is vital to take advantage of the various rehab therapy programs that are available, because these will be crucial for a bright tomorrow.

What Is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is a form of psychotherapy whereby you and the therapist will meet to talk through problematic issues. This type of therapy takes place in the therapist’s office in a comfortable setting and allows you to safely discuss the things that are on your mind. In addition, your discussions are all confidential during individual therapy because it is just you and the therapist.

For those who are struggling with drug addiction or who have recently gone through rehab, individual therapy programs offer many benefits. For example:

  • Allows you a safe place to vent your emotions
  • Provides you with the strategies to overcome triggers and cravings
  • Gives you encouragement for the progress you have made
  • Reveals any unresolved trauma that may have led to the drug use
  • Helps you resolve trauma

Additionally, those who are dealing with drug addiction will gain help from the one-on-one therapy you get in individual sessions

Who Needs Individual Therapy?

When considering what is individual therapy, it is also relevant to think about why you would need individual therapy. Here are a few of the types of people that individual therapy would be best suited for:

  • Those people who are just beginning the drug rehab process
  • People who have a dual diagnosis disorder
  • People who have completed detox and want to delve deeper in their recovery
  • Those who are in sober living programs or transitional living treatment

Find Hope at Phoenix Rising

At Phoenix Rising, our compassionate therapists are ready to go one-on-one with you in individual therapy. We have experienced staff to guide you along on your journey to a better future. Not only are they experienced, but they use evidence-based treatment programs so that you will gain the tools for recovery. Through therapy and detox, you will soon be enjoying life as a new person.

At Phoenix Rising, we offer different treatment programs to help yourself or a loved one overcome addiction. Some of the programs available include:

Do not let drug addiction steal the joy and peace in your life. Now that you know what is individual therapy, you can overcome addiction by participating in drug addiction rehabilitation. Contact us at 8552328211, and we will help you start the journey. Do not wait to get the help you or your loved one needs. Make the call today and begin on the journey to a healthier life.