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How Much Wine is Too Much?

Jun 2019 How Much Wine is Too Much?

You have a glass or two of wine at the end of the day. Even Jesus drank wine, so it can’t be wrong, can it? In fact, a nightly ritual of wine-drinking can pose a severe risk. How much wine is too much?

Understanding the Mechanics of a Drinking Problem

One person’s wine glass is another’s decanter. To compare apples to apples, consider that a standard glass of wine is five ounces. If you drink wine from a larger glass, your one glass ends up closer to two or more servings. Next, take an inventory of how much you really drink.

If you are good about not drinking until after six but then go wild, you might have a problem. At the alcohol detox center Palm Springs CA trusts, therapists routinely work with people who developed a tolerance to alcohol. Therefore, they increased how much they drank to feel the relaxation. Before long, they lose control.

They no longer make it to the gym in the evening because of drinking. They might scale back their social lives to spend more time drinking. Mornings now begin with hangovers and withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol no longer makes them feel good.

How Much Wine is Too Much?

For each person, there’s a different answer. Am I drinking too much wine if I only have one a night? Most people would agree that this approach constitutes moderate alcohol intake. However, do you need to have the drink or else you spend the evening thinking about it?

You might have a problem or notice the beginning of one. Besides that, gauge your ability to set limits for yourself and keep them. If you consistently go past self-imposed limits and feel guilty, there’s a problem. When alcohol consumption causes shame, confusion, disappointment, or social issues, it’s time to get help.

Rehab Facilities Help Good People Just Like You

You’re wondering how much wine is too much. Rather than looking at online self-help websites, talk with specialists. You might have nothing to worry about. In fact, your worries might be focusing on an issue that doesn’t exist.

However, if you do have a drinking problem, it’s time to learn what this means. Most importantly, you find out how to heal. Recovery is possible with customized care approaches. Examples include:

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Am I drinking too much wine? Quit asking yourself this question. Instead, talk to an expert in the field. Get a medical opinion.

Once you know how much wine is too much, you get back in control of your life. Therapists at Phoenix Rising could help. Dial 8552328211 now.