Does My Loved One Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

May 2020 Does My Loved One Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

You should know that addiction kills if you’re always wondering; does my loved one need drug addiction treatment? In the US, people use various drugs, including alcohol, cocaine, and opioids. Addiction is a mental disorder that compels an individual to use one or several substances repeatedly. As such, the disease destroys friendships, marriages, careers, and even the individual’s basic safety and health. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the harmful use of alcohol leads to up to 3.3 million deaths every year worldwide. Besides, up to 31 million people in the world suffer from a drug use disorder. These are worrying findings; therefore, if you or your loved one is suffering from drug abuse, seek treatment immediately.  

Why Do People Take Drugs?

People take drugs for various reasons. Often, most want the feel-good experience that they get after consuming a drug. Drugs are known to cause an intense feeling of pleasure. However, the initial euphoria fades, leading to a couple of other side effects, and this differs from one type of drug to the next. For example, when you take heroin, you will experience a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. But cocaine makes a person highly alert.  

People also consume drugs to feel better, especially when suffering from social anxiety, depression, or stress. Such people will, in most cases, consume the drugs to ease the symptoms of anxiety. This is why many resort to drugs when facing life-altering circumstances. Once you start using, turning back will not be comfortable without the help of the best rehab facility in California.  

You should be open-minded when seeking an answer to the question – does my loved one need drug addiction treatment? This is because some individuals use certain drugs to enhance performance. Therefore, they’ll continually use drugs to perform better in school, work, or sports. However, with continued use comes an addiction to the drug. In the same breath, curiosity and social pressure can push someone into trying drugs. This is more prevalent among youths than in adults. 

Common Symptoms of Drug Abuse

It’s essential to understand the telltale signs of drug use and addiction. This knowledge will help you to get someone who’s struggling with substance abuse disorder into treatment before the consequences become life-threatening or fatal. Not only will it lead to death, but it can take a toll on their health, relationships, job, family life, etc.  

Several common signs indicate a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, including:  

  • Being disinterested in essential activities
  • A change in physical appearances, such as wearing inappropriate or dirty clothes
  • Lack of interest in personal grooming
  • A radical change in relationships
  • Bloodshot eyes, appearing tired all the time, and a poor skin tone
  • A change in appetite
  • Defensive attitude when you ask them about their use of substances 

Does My Loved One Need Drug Addiction Treatment? Get Help at Phoenix Rising

If your loved one exhibits several of the signs above, then you should take them to rehab immediately for treatment. At Phoenix Rising Recovery, we offer several therapies for people suffering from various drug addictions and mental health disorders.  

If you’re wondering, does my loved one need drug addiction treatment, there are several programs that your loved one will benefit from in our rehab, including:  

So, don’t rack your brain while asking: does my loved one need drug addiction treatment? We help all people suffering from drug addiction to achieve lifelong sobriety. Our customized treatment equips your loved one with the skills and coping mechanisms for preventing relapse. Don’t let addiction ruin your loved one’s life; contact us today at 8552328211 for more information.