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The Risks of Binge Drinking You Should Know

May 2020 The Risks of Binge Drinking You Should Know

Do you gulp five or more glasses of alcohol in less than two hours? If yes, then you’re a binge drinker. Binge drinking refers to a drinking pattern that raises an individual’s blood alcohol concentration to about 0.08 grams and above. As such, the situation occurs if a man takes five or more drinks, whereas, for a woman, it’s four or more drinks. The risks of binge drinking make the habit costly and deadly, according to the alcohol consumption patterns in the US. 

Binge Drinking in the US

Studies reveal that for every six people who drink in the US, one binge drinks at least four times monthly. Also, the nation consumes an estimated 17 billion drinks yearly through binging, which translates to 467 bottles per person. Young people aged between 18 and 35 years constitute the highest number of binge drinkers. 

Also, binge drinking is widespread in men than in women. Furthermore, about 90% of US adults who are excessive drinkers binge drink once a month. The number of teenagers who engage in binge drinking is worryingly increasing, as most of them are still in high school.

What Are the Risks of Binge Drinking?

Expect the impact of alcohol within five to ten minutes after consumption. Since the liver cannot break down such a high level of alcohol, the blood alcohol content will increase significantly. A person will start displaying unusual behaviors in both their speech and judgment since the substance interferes with the functioning of the brain. 

If you regularly engage in the habit of binge drinking, then you face several health risks, including:

  • Increased vulnerability to possible accidents, such as car crashes, dangerous falls, burns or electrocution, and alcohol poisoning
  • High tendencies of violence, which may include partner and family violence, suicide, homicide, and sexual assault 
  • Vulnerability to contracting sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, which can lead to abortions and premature death
  • Chronic and terminal diseases, such as cancer, heart conditions, liver cirrhosis, and high blood pressure
  • Sudden infant syndrome and even death
  • Loss of memory and development of hearing problems 

Effects of Binge Drinking on the US Economy

According to experts, alcohol use disorders, including binge drinking, take away at least $400 billion per year from the US economy. 

The losses come from jobs that people who are struggling with substance use disorders fail to keep as a result of drinking, the finances they spend on non-productive drinking sprees, and money that recovering addicts spend on health-related costs. Research reveals that binge drinking accounts for more than 75% of the lost finances.

Phoenix Rising’s Alcohol Abuse Treatment 

Have you been struggling with alcoholism because of binge drinking? Are you looking for a long term solution to overcome your drinking habit? At Phoenix Rising Recovery, you’ll overcome substance addictions in our safe, drug-free, and relaxing environment.   

In rehab, you’ll be safe from the risks of binge drinking due to a variety of treatment programs, including: 

  • Medical detox center to alleviate withdrawal effects
  • Inpatient drug rehab program, which has intensive care to speed your recovery process
  • Group therapy program where you’ll interact with other residents in recovery for motivation
  • An aftercare program to help you manage cravings
  • A trauma therapy program to help you find skills to cope with your past experiences

Binge drinking is a dangerous habit that you need to overcome for the benefit of your overall health. The risks of binge drinking are costly because once it gets to an extreme point, such as damage to the liver, it’s difficult to recover fully. Seek professional help from a rehab center in California to start your journey to recovery. Contact us today at 8552328211 to schedule an appointment.