What are the Benefits of a Family Program?

Jan 2020 What are the Benefits of a Family Program?

There are many treatment facilities out there that offer the benefits of a family program in drug and alcohol rehab. The simple fact is that for most, addiction is a family matter. It affects not just the person who is using but the people around them, as well, and that is usually family members like siblings and parents.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that they receive around 68,683 calls a month from people in need of either rehab or mental health treatment. Many of them come from concerned parents. What is a family program, and what are the benefits?

What is a Family Program?

Each facility will have its way of working with families, but there are likely some common factors. Families can expect a program like this to be a combination of educational and support systems.

The goal will help you better understand addiction as a disease and how to cope with it. The program may cover things like improving communication, setting boundaries, working through the chaos of addiction, and learning when to trust someone.

Family therapy programs in CA may also involve family therapy, both individual and group. The people in the life of someone struggling with addiction have their own therapeutic needs. They suffer stress and fear. In many ways, the family unit fractures, and this program addresses those issues.

Why is a Family Program Important?

Addiction is a family disease for two reasons. One, it affects everyone in the family. It disrupts schedules, it breaks trusts, and it creates a fragile infrastructure. The effect it has on the family unit is sometimes a contributing factor in the cycle of drug use, as well. If a child feels they disappoint a parent, they may look for unhealthy ways to ease that pain.

During recovery, the family becomes a support system. That is a tough transition to make for some, and family therapy works to build that bond. It integrates the family into treatment, so they support one another.

What are the Benefits of a Family Program?

One of the most significant benefits of a family program is education. There is a stigma to addiction that often boils down to a lack of information. A family program can eliminate that stigma in the core support system to improve the recovery process.

Along those same lines, the family can start to understand how addiction evolves. The reality is that it is behavior that can be part of an ongoing family problem such as lack of communication or even abuse.

A family program also helps to create realistic expectations. Relapse is common, and families must understand this and know what to expect after treatment.

How to Find a Family Program

Look for a treatment facility that sees the benefits of a family program like Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, California. Situated on a four-acre ranch, Phoenix Rising understands how critical family is in the treatment process. The program offers a kind of psychotherapy to families that will help in the healing process. Parents also learn about essential concepts related to addiction, too, such as codependency.

Services from Phoenix Rising include:

Phoenix Rising offers extended care packages and dual diagnosis treatment to deal with underlying mental health disorders. Also, clients enjoy some relaxing amenities such as a gym, a rec room, the in-house pool, and a jacuzzi. There is also equine therapy to help relieve stress.

If you are the parent of someone struggling with addiction, then you need to understand the benefits of a family program. We can help. Give us a call at 8552328211 for more information about the family program at Phoenix Rising.