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Palm Springs Rehab Center

The rate of drug abuse deaths has grown exponentially since the turn of the century. The United States faces a drug crisis of epic proportions. If you are suffering from an addiction, the time to act is now. Contact Phoenix Rising’s Palm Springs rehab center today to defeat your dependence on drugs or alcohol once and for all.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a disease. It affects your brain and behavior, and you become unable to control your use of the drug or medication.

You can be addicted to a variety of substances, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Prescription medication
  • Methamphetamine or other amphetamines
  • Cocaine

These are only a few of the substances which can cause addiction. There are other sources of addiction, such as gambling or social media, but the focus at our Palm Springs rehab center is on substance addiction.

How Do I Know if I’m Addicted to Something?

palm springs rehab center woman looking out windowThere’s a fine line between having an addiction and not having an addiction. Usually, you start by experimenting with something at a party or a sporting event. Perhaps you were prescribed something after surgery or breaking your arm. Both scenarios seem innocent but can lead to addiction. But how do you know if you’re addicted?

One typical marker is that you continue to use the drug even though it is harming you, your relationships, or your responsibilities. Maybe you’ve gotten in trouble at work, or your partner has threatened to leave you over your drinking. You’ve tried to stop, but you find yourself falling back into old habits at the first opportunity. That’s a good indication that you may have an addiction.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering if you have an addiction:

  • Do you feel like you need to get high or drink every day, or maybe even several times a day?
  • Do you have intense cravings that drive out your other thoughts?
  • Do you need more of the drug or alcohol to get the same result?
  • Do you experience any withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly try to stop drinking or using the drug?
  • Do you spend an excessive amount of time getting the substance, using it, or recovering from using it?
  • Do you start doing risky behaviors, such as driving, when you’re under the influence?
  • Have you started stealing, or doing other things you wouldn’t normally do to attain the drug or alcohol?
  • Have you stopped doing social or recreational activities so that you can use the drug or drink more?
  • Have you spent an unreasonable amount of money on drinking or doing drugs, even though you can’t afford it?
  • Do you find yourself panicking if you find that you don’t have a good supply of the drug or alcohol?
  • Do you end up spending more time than you intended using the drug or drinks?

If you answered ‘yes’ to more than 2 of the questions above, you should seek treatment. Long term drug and alcohol use has serious health consequences, but trying to quit on your own can also be dangerous.

Why Seek Treatment?

It’s no secret that the first step towards sobriety is always detoxification. The withdrawal symptoms you may have experienced if you went too long without drinking or using drugs will only intensify. The substance you’re addicted to determines the symptoms you will encounter. Some substances, like alcohol, can cause physical symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and seizures. Others, such as heroin, can cause more emotional symptoms, such as depression and suicidal thoughts.

If you try to detox alone, you’re risking your life. Until a person is in the midst of withdrawal, there’s no way to know how severe withdrawal will be. By the time the worst of the symptoms come, it may be too late for you to reach medical assistance. Another possible risk is that your resolve will crack, and you will go back to your addiction. This decision could be lethal, because if this happens, you may overdose trying to get the high you need to make the symptoms go away.

Instead of going alone, a better choice is to go to a Palm Springs rehab center. Here, medical professionals can monitor your progress. If you need medication to get through the worst of the symptoms, they can provide it. Additionally, these professionals keep you accountable. You’re far less likely to relapse if someone is standing next to you, helping you through the process. Part of why they’re there is to make sure you can’t access drugs or alcohol.

About Phoenix Rising Recovery

We want to provide you with options for recovery. These options can renew your mind and your body. We work to ensure the treatment we provide gets you back to the person you were before addiction. We provide compassionate care in a program designed for you. Our mission is to create the perfect treatment program for each person who comes through our program.

We provide a variety of treatment options for our clients.

Dual diagnosis treatment: Most people who struggle with addiction also struggle with a mental illness. It is essential to treat both issues because the untreated disorder could cause the patient to relapse. By addressing both the mental disorder and the addiction, we get to the root of your addiction and provide you with coping mechanisms for when you encounter temptations.

Trauma-informed care: Many people who have addictions also have trauma in their past. They use the habit to cope with their history. We will work with you to address these underlying problems, and we will help you heal.

Evidence-based therapy: We know that you have unique struggles, and you need tried and true methods to break through your addiction. We use therapy methods based on long-term research to treat your addiction. Treatment methods we use include:

We also use several holistic based therapies, including psychodrama therapy and equine therapy. One of the best parts about our rehab programs is that we tailor your treatment to your needs.

Contact Phoenix Rising

At Phoenix Rising’s Palm Springs rehab center, we treat you with the care and respect that you deserve.

We treat a variety of addictions, including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Benzos Addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Opiate and opioid addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction

No one is so far gone that treatment can’t help them. Contact Phoenix Rising today to learn more about how the Palm Springs rehab center can help you. You can achieve recovery. Contact 8669851103 today to rise above your addiction.