Substance Abuse Assessment

Feb 2020 Substance Abuse Assessment

When struggling with any type of substance use, you may wonder where you are on the spectrum between normal use and addiction. There are stages and phases of use that range from regular use of a prescription, abuse of a substance, dependence on a substance, and finally addiction to a substance. All these stages have varying degrees of intensity. Knowing what stage you are at will help you understand what type of treatment you need. When you go to a rehab center, you will get a substance abuse assessment. This will help direct your treatment plan so that you can be successful in healing.

What Is A Substance Abuse Assessment?

A substance abuse assessment involves an evaluation to see what your risk factors are for addiction. In addition, you will discover if you are currently dealing with a substance abuse problem, dependence, or addiction. A substance abuse assessment is important because it allows rehab therapists to shape a plan for sobriety. Without an assessment, therapists will not know which methods, treatments, or therapies will be most effective for your situation.

What To Expect

During the assessment process, the intake therapist will gather your historical information to get a better idea of where you are in the addiction stage. The therapist will ask about what type of drugs you currently as well what type of drugs you have used in the past. Also, they will find out the amount you have been using and how long you have used.

Another critical point the therapist will determine is under what conditions you began using drugs. This will help the therapist know what triggers you to use drugs. When the therapist understands what causes you to do drugs, then a treatment plan is easier to establish.

Next Steps

The first step in the process of getting a substance abuse assessment is to contact a rehab center and begin the admission process. After insurance verification, the intake coordinator will schedule your evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist and you can create a treatment plan together. Some treatment options include:

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