Do I Need Alcohol Treatment?

May 2020 Do I Need Alcohol Treatment?

Have you been drinking a lot lately, and you keep wondering – do I need alcohol treatment? It can be hard to know when spontaneous drinking has traversed the line into dependence or abuse. It’s even harder to accept that you may need professional help in a rehab center to quit.

Many people struggling with alcohol use disorders are unsure whether an alcohol treatment program is right for them. Yet, an estimated 17 million people in the US struggle with alcohol use disorders, and more than 88,000 of them die from alcohol-related conditions. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of alcohol addicts in the US receive medical treatment.

Therefore, it’s essential to know when you cross over to dependence and addiction.

Health Complications Resulting From Excessive Drinking

Alcohol abuse can lead to a severe deterioration of your physical health. Many medical conditions have a direct connection to alcoholism, including liver complications like hepatitis and cirrhosis, many forms of cancer, depression, dementia, anxiety, and heart problems.

If you’re developing medical complications as a direct result of alcohol consumption, then you need professional intervention at a rehab center in California.

Do I Need Alcohol Treatment? Yes, If Alcohol Consumption Is Your Main Priority

When you realize that alcohol has become your primary focus, you’re already an addict. At this point, alcohol occupies your mind the whole day, and you’ll use exceeding amounts of time, determination, and income to purchase and consume it.

As your alcohol dependency advances, your previous comforts, undertakings, and obsessions ultimately start taking a back seat to alcohol use.

In case you have lost interest in the people you love and no longer derive pleasure from activities you formerly enjoyed, you might have a drinking problem. It’s best to seek the services of a therapist instead of continually worrying – do I need alcohol treatment?

Engaging in Dangerous Activities While Drunk

Alcohol can make you lose proper judgment, and you may consequently engage in life-threatening activities, including drunk driving. This habit is common among people who drink excessively or those who have an extreme craving for alcohol.

Numerous mishaps and DUIs, or partaking in other possibly unsafe circumstances, may be an indication that you suffer from chronic alcohol addiction.

Performance Decline at Work or School

If you cannot control your alcohol intake, you’re likely to have problems at work and learning institutions. Several warning signs indicate a chronic alcohol addiction case, including:

  • Skipping classes at school or missing work
  • Deteriorating grades
  • Always fighting with colleagues 
  • Regularly calling in sick for work 
  • Unable to work with others as a team  

Do I Need Alcohol Treatment? Learn More at Phoenix Rising

When you have drinking problems, you may feel as if you’re struggling with the epidemic alone, and no one else understands your fight. Fortunately, you don’t need to agonize alone, as Phoenix Rising Recovery will walk with you through the recovery journey. Besides, studies reveal that people who try to overcome alcohol addiction on their own are more likely to attempt quitting without success. 

Our mental health professionals will customize a treatment plan to help you overcome the addiction. At our rehab center, we use several scientifically proven treatment methods, including:  

Also, a full recovery from alcohol addiction may require you to try several treatment options or a combination of two or more of these options. Your recovery will largely depend on your motivation, health status, the severity of the addiction, medical history, and support system. Since you now understand why you need alcohol treatment, reach out. Now’s the time to get the help you need. So contact us today at 8552328211 to schedule an appointment.