Beating drug addiction often requires a strict emotional commitment. Unfortunately, some people may struggle to focus on this without assistance. Thankfully, our recovery coaching program can help you. This treatment option gives you a better chance of understanding and defeating your addiction for good. And you can pair this approach with our aftercare program in Palm Springs, CA, to start your total renewal.

The Nature of a Recovery Coaching Program

A recovery coach works with people who need help managing their addiction. These professionals eliminate obstacles that may trip you up. For example, they can identify personal problems that trigger substance abuse. They may also pinpoint individuals who get you to use drugs.

In this way, they are comparable to psychological counselors and serve a similar purpose. Like with psychologists, you sometimes need an objective interpreter who can examine your life. A good recovery coaching program in Palm Springs, CA, can give you the outside look that you need to start your recovery.

Thankfully, there are many ways to use a recovery coaching program properly. Some will hire an individual to be with them every day. However, others visit their coach a few times a week. This schedule varies based on your needs. The trick is to be honest and to find a coach who you can trust with your renewal process. Thankfully, we at Phoenix Rising can provide that help. Our comprehensive treatment program can give you the best chance of total addiction recovery.

Coaches In Recovery

Although medication can be used to treat different types of addiction, hiring a recovery coach can make a significant difference in the recovery process. These coaches are hired and put in place to help addicted individuals recover; coaches work with the recovering individual to become present and attentive in their home life again.

Recovery CoachingRecovery coaches are mentors who help those in addiction recovery as they work to engage the addict and family members in helpful treatment options. During the process, coaches will answer any questions one may have about the recovery process. They can also supply family members with different information needed throughout the treatment process. 

How Coaches Help In Addiction Recovery

Addiction is more than just a chemical dependency; it’s a means of coping for many individuals. Before the rise of recovery coaching, medication was used more often to treat alcoholism and addiction. While medication can make a huge difference in helping one recover from physical addiction, medication is not capable of full recovery. 

When addiction becomes a physical dependency, it could be a result of difficulty coping mechanisms or deep-rooted personal habits. 

Although medication can prevent some form of addiction, having another individual to talk to can be critical. Whether it be a friend or an experienced mentor, being able to relay everyday concerns and experiences can be beneficial to recovering. 

Specifically, a recovery coach is an individual who has training and knowledge in alcohol reduction. For that reason, they can offer certain solutions or support that a friend may not be able to provide. 

Recovery coaching is a job that requires one to help a recovering addict pursue their own set of goals. The idea of a recovery coach is similar to that of a counselor or therapist doing individual psychotherapy. They work to offer tools and advice surrounding addiction treatment.  

In many ways, a recovery coach is a specialist who can:

  • Help create a plan of action
  • Provide accountability
  • Extend support and guidance as new behavior patterns develop 
  • Help the recovering addict view things objectively
  • Locate the proper resources needed and negotiate accordingly
  • Encourage new forms of supportive habits

To simply put it, recovery coaching is designed to aid individuals in the everyday process of overcoming addiction. 

How Recovery Coaching Works

A recovery coach can meet with a client in person or communicate through a remote video chat. For the start of these meetings, the mentoring coach will often begin by getting to know a client by asking questions about their history. They may also ask more specifically about a client’s history with substance abuse and whether they have a positive or negative perspective on the recovery process.

Recovery CoachingAfter the initial session, a coach will assist the recovering addict in setting clear goals and creating a steady routine to reach them. 

As the sessions continue, mentoring coaches will assess whether the process they created for the recovering individual is effective. If it is not, the recovery coach will alter the plan and move forward with a different course of action. 

A recovery coaches will act as a significant companion to those in recovery even if there are close friends actively participating in the process. A coach will aid in helping a recovering addict avoid relapse in a challenging situation. 

A recovery coach is trained to be the ideal companion for those in recovery for various reasons, as they practice:

  • Active listening
  • Maintaining positive views
  • Maintaining positive tones in their voice inflection
  • Motivating a client in times of need
  • Rebuilding relationships and personal lives
  • Accountability of their clients

Recovery coaching aims to encourage self-care and advise an individual with helpful strategies.

Benefits of a Recovery Coaching in Palm Springs CA

At Phoenix Rising, we provide a fully-licensed recovery coaching program. Our coaches can provide you with many unique benefits for your addiction care. Just a few ways that they can help you include:

  • More natural transition to care: A recovery coach can help you acclimate to the unique environment of our rehab center
  • A stronger connection to resources: Use your recovery coach to connect with better recovery resources, like AA meetings
  • Enhanced accountability: Your coach will hold you accountable and work to get you to your meetings and your care center
  • Better family support: Most recovery coaches help train your family members to manage your addiction after your treatment
  • Enhanced relapse prevention: Contact your recovery coach if you are worried about relapsing after you finish rehab

All of these benefits make a recovery coaching program essential for your care. That is why we provide many coaches from whom you can choose. Each has been carefully trained to provide individualized care. With our help, you will begin your renewal process with full confidence.

Recovery Coaching Near You in Palm Springs

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