Beating drug addiction often requires a strict emotional commitment. Unfortunately, some people may struggle to focus on this without assistance. Thankfully, our recovery coaching program can help you. This treatment option gives you a better chance of understanding and defeating your addiction for good. And you can pair this approach with our aftercare program in Palm Springs, CA, to start your total renewal.

The Nature of a Recovery Coaching Program

A recovery coach works with people who need help managing their addiction. These professionals eliminate obstacles that may trip you up. For example, they can identify personal problems that trigger substance abuse. They may also pinpoint individuals who get you to use drugs.

In this way, they are comparable to psychological counselors and serve a similar purpose. Like with psychologists, you a doctor explaining to her patient the benefits of recovery coaching program sometimes need an objective interpreter who can examine your life. A good recovery coaching program in Palm Springs, CA, can give you the outside look that you need to start your recovery.

Thankfully, there are many ways to use a recovery coaching program properly. Some will hire an individual to be with them every day. However, others visit their coach a few times a week. This schedule varies based on your needs. The trick is to be honest and to find a coach who you can trust with your renewal process. Thankfully, we at Phoenix Rising can provide that help. Our comprehensive treatment program can give you the best chance of total addiction recovery.

Benefits of a Recovery Coaching Program Palm Springs CA

At Phoenix Rising, we provide a fully-licensed recovery coaching program. Our coaches can provide you with many unique benefits for your addiction care. Just a few ways that they can help you include:

  • More natural transition to care – A recovery coach can help you acclimate to the unique environment of our rehab center
  • A stronger connection to resources – Use your recovery coach to connect with better recovery resources, like AA meetings
  • Enhanced accountability – Your coach will hold you accountable and work to get you to your meetings and your care center
  • Better family support – Most recovery coaches help train your family members to manage your addiction after your treatment
  • Enhanced relapse prevention – Contact your recovery coach if you are worried about relapsing after you finish with rehab

All of these benefits make a recovery coaching program essential for your care. That is why we provide many coaches from whom you can choose. Each has been carefully trained to provide individualized care. With our help, you will begin your renewal process with full confidence.

How Else We Can Help You

At Phoenix Rising, we can offer a myriad of other services that help you beat addiction. These techniques are designed to manage every level of substance abuse. Just a few to consider include:

  • Detox – Clean your body of substances to start your substance abuse recovery
  • Dual-diagnosis – Treat co-occurring disorders to discover why you abuse drugs
  • Residential care – Stay in our center to begin your renewal process
  • Outpatient treatment – Visit our center a few times a week to get addiction care
  • Behavioral adjustments – Tweak your addiction behaviors to avoid relapses
  • Sober living – Learn how to live a sober lifestyle in a clean and friendly environment
  • Trauma-informed care – Get help for PTSD and other trauma issues that contribute to your addiction
  • Amenities – Relax in our in-house pool, Jacuzzi, rec room, or gym to clear your mind during tough times

Beyond these treatments, we provide many other advantages. Our beautiful center is located in Palm Springs, California, on a four-acre ranch. We also offer culturally-appropriate care for those who need it. That’s because our counselors are trained to identify unique factors that influence your addiction. With their help, you can walk away from substance abuse for good.

Let Us Help Your Renewal Process

Please call 8552328211 today to learn more about how we can help at Phoenix Rising. A caring counselor will assess your case and help you understand your addiction. Then, we can start your renewal process as soon as you are ready. Addiction doesn’t have to destroy your life. Instead, you can be like the mythical phoenix and rise from the ashes of addiction to a bold and sober new life.