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Recreational Therapy Program

Not all addiction treatment facilities are equal. At Phoenix Rising Recovery, we provide a plethora of addiction treatment and addiction therapy programs to treat your drug addiction and mental health issues at our luxury rehab center in Palm, Desert CA. Recreational therapy is often utilized as a treatment for a variety of drug addictions and mental health disorders. 

What Is Recreation Therapy?

man walking on trail as part of recreational therapy programRecreation therapy lets you explore your social skills, physical activity skills, ability to relate to nature, and ability to have fun – all rolled up into one therapeutic intervention.

The notion that you can use fun as therapy is not new. Some people begin to use drugs and alcohol simply because they do not know how to be comfortable at a party. You may not know what to do in your spare time. You may not have anything better to do. This type of therapy teaches you how to be comfortable with yourself and have fun, lessening the need for drugs and alcohol. 

Recreation Therapy Programs

Recreation therapy is great for people who have never socialized as an adult without the presence of alcohol or drugs. According to the writers at Treatment Solutions, an American Addictions Center resource, recreation therapy is a supplement to traditional therapeutic substance abuse rehabilitation methods.

Some examples of recreational therapy programs offered at Phoenix Rising include:

  • Exercise Therapy Program
  • Yoga Therapy Program
  • Dance Therapy Program
  • Art Therapy Program

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is an example of recreation therapy. It is generally a 12-week program. The first third of this therapeutic intervention involves getting comfortable with the animal. Equine therapy is an excellent intervention for those who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. These clients find that the calming nature of the horse helps them understand trust and patience. The remaining eight weeks of the program are geared toward interacting actively with the horse.

Equine therapy works well for people who are not very verbal. It’s a quieter therapeutic intervention as opposed to group therapy sessions. It is not to take the place of verbalizing addictive behaviors and their foundations; rather, it is a supplement. Many participants find themselves looking forward to the interaction with the horse. The stable also presents a tranquil and gentle environment for those who are seeking that peaceful calm.

What Is The Goal In Recreational Therapy?

If you’re scheduled for recreational therapy at your treatment program, you’ll probably meet with your recreational therapist once or twice a week. Your goals are to: learn better time management, understand the importance of a work/life balance, understand the importance of being independent, learn how to use recreational therapy to improve your mood, learn social skills, improve your physical strength, and master valuable coping skills to prevent future relapses.

Recreation Therapy Benefits

The high rates of obesity in adults and children attest to the fact that everyone can benefit from getting up and getting out there. Moreover, people who are suffering from addictions need to find comfort in their skin and their own bodies. What better method then an appointed time each week where you are physically being active or learning something new? Recreation therapy challenges you and takes you to a different place. We encourage hobbies for a reason. Taking a break for yourself is priceless.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Our recreation therapy program is just one therapy that we offer at Phoenix Rising Recovery. Long term recovery is best achieved through a combination of various addiction treatment programs and addiction therapies aimed at treating the underlying issues contributing to your addiction including:

Treating yourself well should not be foreign to you. At Phoenix Rising Recovery, we want you to get used to the idea that you deserve the best out of life. Your health and sobriety are priceless. Combine opulent surroundings with innovative, professional, and highly -qualified staffers. You have a recipe for success! Call us today at 8669851103. Let us assist with your new, clean, and sober beginning.