Say These Words to Your Loved One in Rehab

Jun 2021 Say These Words to Your Loved One in Rehab

Many people that suffer from addiction get down on themselves and feel extremely guilty. The depressed feelings and extreme guilt that many addicts feel often don’t go away for a long time. Thus, many people enter rehab with these feelings. That’s why it’s so important for close family and friends of people that are attending rehab to help their loved ones in recovery rebuild their confidence through love and support. 

One way to do this is to shower those in rehab with encouraging words. You may not know what to say to someone in rehab to boost his or her confidence. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of statements below that you can pull from.

What to Say to Someone in Rehab

There are many positive and reassuring statements that you can say to people in rehab. Say phrases that will psychologically help boost their confidence. You may not see their confidence rise immediately. Still, continue being consistent saying encouraging words and prove it by your actions that you mean what you say. You’ll likely see some improvements in their confidence over time. 

I’m Proud of You

This is one of the most encouraging words for someone in rehab. This is because it shows that you recognize positive changes in your loved one in rehab.  

Consistently remind your loved one in rehab how proud of him or her you are. Doing so will show your loved one that he or she is of value. This, in turn, will show your loved one that he or she doesn’t need to feel guilty any longer about past wrongdoings. The best time to express how proud you are of people in rehab is after they’ve reached a milestone in their addiction recovery journeys. 

What Can I Do to Support You During This Time?

what to say to someone in drug rehabNobody can get through a condition as difficult as addiction alone. That’s why it’s so important that every individual that’s recovering from addiction has a support group. 

Support groups are beneficial because they provide individuals in rehab and addiction recovery with people that they can easily lean on if they were ever struggling to maintain their sobriety. Addiction support group members can also offer people in rehab that are new to recovery useful advice. 

Support group members are very valuable to people in rehab and addiction recovery because of the service that they provide. Thus, vocalizing your support could be just what your loved ones need to hear.

I Am Here for You

If you’re unsure what to say to someone in drug rehab, you can just tell him or her that you’re here for them. Even this simple knowledge can provide people in rehab with a sense of comfort and relief.

You’re Not Alone

Many people that suffer from addiction ostracize themselves from the people that they love. This is because drug addicts start to only become concerned only with getting more drugs. People with substance addictions may also ostracize themselves from others. This is because they are ashamed and don’t want to be judged. 

Because of all the time that people with substance addictions ostracize themselves from others, they often can’t turn to anyone. Thus, telling your loved ones in rehab that they aren’t alone and that they have you can really empower them. 

I Believe That You Can Maintain Sobriety

Many people that suffer from addictions don’t believe in themselves. Thus, saying that you believe in them could be just what those in rehab need to hear to complete their addiction treatment programs

How Are You Feeling?

Everyone wants to know that there are people in the world who care about them. People in rehab are no different. Therefore, simply asking individuals in rehab how they are feeling can soften their hearts and make them feel loved. This, in turn, can give people in rehab the confidence to complete addiction treatment. 

Let’s Hang Out

Many people that abuse alcohol and drugs avoid going to rehab because they fear that doing so will make it so that they no longer have social lives. Thus, asking your loved ones in rehab if they want to hang out could let them know that their lives aren’t over after achieving addiction recovery. If anything, their lives are just beginning.  

Your Recovery Should Always Come First

Your loved one in rehab might constantly worry about the outside world and any responsibilities that he or she may have. Simply remind him or her that recovery should always come first.  Hopefully, if you remind rehab patients this frequently enough, they will start to believe it and make their recovery their top priority. 

Just Take Things One Day At a Time

If you’re unsure of what to say to someone in rehab, remind him or her to take things one day at a time. Doing so could help ease that person’s nerves and help get him or her through addiction treatment. 

There’s Hope for Your Recovery

Oftentimes, it’s best to give encouraging words for someone in rehab. For example, reminding someone in rehab that you’re hopeful for their recovery could be just what they needed to hear to rebuild hope for their recovery within themselves. 

What Have You Learned in Rehab Thus Far?

Sometimes all people in rehab need is a genuine friend who cares about their addiction recovery journeys. Make sure to show your loved ones in rehab that you can be that friend. You can do this by showing them that you’re taking interest in their addiction treatment. 

One way to do that is to ask those in rehab what they’ve learned thus far. The answer that your loved ones give to this question could give you a hint as to how far they are in their addiction recovery journeys. 

What Are Your Future Goals?

It’s good to remind your loved ones in rehab that they have a bright future waiting for them. One way to do that is to ask your loved ones in rehab what their future goals are once they complete addiction treatment. Making your loved ones think about the things that they want to do once they complete addiction treatment could be the motivation that they need. 

I Love You

If you’re still unsure of what to say to someone in rehab, you can simply say that you love them. While short and simple, saying I love you is arguably the most powerful thing that you can say to someone that is going through addiction treatment. In fact, hearing those three words could be just what individuals in rehab need to help them heal themselves. Hearing I love you could also be what people in rehab need to hear to rid themselves of any lingering guilt that they feel due to their past wrongdoings. 

Encourage Your Loved Ones in Rehab By Taking An Active Role in Their Addiction Treatment Journeys

If after all of these words of advice you still feel unsure about what to say to someone in drug rehab, simply speak from the heart. If you truly love the person in rehab and care about his or her emotional well-being, you’ll come up with something impactful to say eventually. 

RehabHere at Phoenix Rising Recovery, we know the impact that people’s words can have on a person in rehab. That’s why we encourage close family members and friends of individuals that are attending rehab at our treatment center to get involved in their loved ones’ recovery journeys. One way to do this is to attend family therapy.

Family Therapy At Phoenix Rising 

Through family therapy, close family members and friends to people in rehab can learn the roles that they’ve played in their loved ones’ addictions. By learning your role in your loved ones’ addictions, you can make a conscious effort to create an environment for your loved ones that won’t trigger their addictions from here on out. 

Family therapy at an addiction treatment center also helps family members and friends better understand what their loved ones who are suffering from rehab have been going through. This understanding alone will make everyone more empathetic towards those in rehab. This, in turn, will make everyone better able to support their loved ones in rehab once they complete addiction treatment. 

Receive Extra Encouragement During Rehab At Phoenix Rising Recovery

At the end of the day, addiction treatment is difficult to go through. Thus, having the support and encouraging words of loved ones while going through it makes it much easier. Because we understand how difficult it is to complete addiction treatment, we here at Phoenix Rising Recovery make sure to support our rehab patients every step of the way. 

We also help make addiction treatment at our facility easier for our patients by providing them with rehab programs that are highly individualized to fit their unique needs. Thus, every Phoenix Rising Recovery patient is special during the rehab process. 

To learn more about what makes the addiction treatment programs so effective here at Phoenix Rising Recovery, contact us today! We have no problem explaining our processes to anyone that’s interested.