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What Are Expressive Therapies?

Sep 2019 What Are Expressive Therapies?

At the core of expressive therapies is the creative process. Because substance abuse has many causes, it’s essential to get to them during your rehab experience. Healing is then the next stage. However, connecting the two might not always take place during standard talk therapy.

Why Participate in Expressive Therapies? 

Therapists agree that there’s something about creativity that draws out a person. Even someone who doesn’t contribute much to talk therapy will open up during expressive therapies. A neurofeedback therapy program shows that creating something succeeds in stimulating the brain’s reward center. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a seasoned artist to participate.

Even if you’ve never before picked up a paintbrush, you can participate. You still get the full benefit of the expressive therapies Palm Springs, CA talks about. Besides that, this therapeutic approach decreases anxiety, depression, and feelings of disconnect. In contrast, it boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and coping skills.

Almost everyone thinks of painting when talking about this therapy style. And, frequently, you’d be correct. However, there are also other options. Examples might include creative writing, psychodrama, and dance.

Part of a Larger Care Protocol 

The expressive therapies Palm Springs, CA locals trust aren’t enough by themselves to help clients overcome addiction. Rather, they are a complementary therapeutic approach. At the center of care are evidence-based therapies. Examples include:

  • Participation in the dialectal behavioral therapy program Southern CA rehab clients trust for emotional regulation 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy as a tool for rebuilding healthy connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions 
  • Motivational interviewing as a way of re-evaluating your ownership of the healing process 
  • Equine therapy, which is an excellent opportunity for building introspection and overcoming mental blocks to treatment 
  • Neurofeedback that lets you isolate desirable brainwave patterns and strengthen them through targeted exercises 

Another care approach is dual-diagnosis therapy. It benefits program participants with underlying psychiatric conditions. Examples include depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. This co-occurring condition frequently leads to substance abuse triggers.

For example, you might feel anxious before being around people. It’s getting worse, but you’ve never visited a doctor. You notice that having a drink loosens you up. Now, it’s not so challenging to be around others.

After a while, your body builds up a tolerance to the alcohol. You now drink more and more to loosen up. Even so, the liquor doesn’t help you around people any longer.

Rehab is the answer. The combination of expressive and evidence-based therapies makes a difference. Most importantly, it lets you tackle both conditions as part of the dual diagnosis treatment.

Choose the Treatment Delivery Method that Works for You 

Almost all individuals do well with a residential approach. You live at the facility, eat there, and sleep there, too. A typical stay lasts about 30 days. That said, you don’t have to limit yourself to this length.

Some clients need a little extra time and might stay for 60 or 90 days. There’s also the option of partial hospitalization programs. You remain living at home, but you visit the facility every day for therapy.

Another option is the intensive outpatient program. You schedule therapy around your work. 

Find out today how expressive therapies could be part of the renewal of your mind, body, and spirit. Call Phoenix Rising at 8552328211 to talk to an intake specialist.