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Palm Springs Drug Rehab Center

Finding reliable addiction rehab services in Palm Springs, California, isn’t difficult if people know what to look for. Palm Springs, California is at the forefront of addiction research and education. However, finding the perfect Palm Springs drug rehab center for you requires knowing what makes a facility great. What exactly makes an excellent rehab center in Palm Springs stand out among the rest?

Why Choose a Palm Springs Drug Rehab Treatment Center?

Group therapy session in progress at the Phoenix Rising Palm Springs drug rehab centerWith rehab centers all over the United States, why do people narrow the search to Palm Springs? One reason is that the area always pushes the envelope in terms of addiction treatment. While other cities are content with the services that they offer, Palm Springs drug rehab continues to evolve.

What does this mean for people who seek treatment here? It means that they enter a culture that never settles for second place. Phoenix Rising is a drug rehab in Palm Springs that practices this philosophy every day by helping our clients overcome addiction. Our substance abuse treatment programs can improve recovery time and minimize the risk of relapse.

Rehab Centers in Palm Springs Help People Overcome Nearly Any Addiction

Often, people end up looking for an illegal or prescription drug addiction rehab center in southern CA. However, sometimes, people may need help with an addiction to more than one specific drug. Addiction isn’t always black and white. Sometimes, people develop addictions to multiple substances, including illegal, synthetic, and prescription drugs.

Once again, the Phoenix Rising Palm Springs drug rehab center shines in this aspect. Instead of focusing solely on one type of addiction, we offer programs for multiple drug addictions. As a result, people don’t have to limit their search based on one type of drug addiction.

Detox and Rehab Services at the Same Location

Another benefit of enrolling in Phoenix Rising’s drug rehab in Palm Springs, CA is that we can offer both detox and rehab services. Believe it or not, finding both services at the same location isn’t the standard across the country. Instead, many people travel between facilities in order to get the treatment that they need. To make matters worse, they frequently stop pursuing rehab after detox because they think that the addiction is under control.

In reality, medical detox services only set the stage for rehab. It’s crucial for creating a strong foundation on which people can build their recovery. When both services are offered at the same location, clients are much more likely to complete both.

At Phoenix Rising, your Palm Springs drug rehab treatment programs will offer both. Gone are the days of transferring between facilities to get the full treatment experience.

Palm Springs Is Sensitive to Ethnic and Cultural Differences

California is home to a wide range of people who have different cultural and ethnic needs. Palm Springs is no exception to this rule. Because of that, our Palm Spring facility adapts and accommodates those with these different needs.

For example, it’s not uncommon to find a Palm Springs drug rehab facility that offers Kosher meals. It even allows for Shabbat observance so that people can take their day of rest. These considerations show how rehab puts people’s needs first.

Reach Out to Phoenix Rising When You Need a Reliable Palm Springs Drug Rehab Center

Are you in need of drug rehab in Palm Springs, CA? If so, consider reaching out to Phoenix Rising. We offer drug rehab services for both men and women. Some of the programs that we offer include:

One feature that separates our Palm Springs drug rehab program from others is our commitment. Phoenix Rising wants to help you not only overcome addiction, but also reenter society. For that reason, we offer case management and job placement services for up to a year after treatment. Our goal is to help you find a job that gets you back on your feet.

Don’t wait to seek the help that you need to get your life back on track. Count on our Palm Springs drug rehab program when you need reliable addiction treatment. Contact Phoenix Rising now at 8669851103 to take your first step toward breaking the cycle of addiction.