A lot of elements have to come together to get the most out of rehab. One of the most critical elements is a treatment program that helps family members as well. After all, addiction affects not only the users but also everyone in their families. For that reason, family therapy is beneficial for long-term addiction recovery.

What Is Family Therapy?

Couple and their child going through a family therapy programBefore learning about the relationship between addiction and family counseling, it’s important for people to understand this therapy. In short, it’s a type of psychotherapy. The goal is to aid people with addiction and their family members in the healing process.

Many aspects go into this type of therapy. However, resolving conflicts and improving communication are the two most important parts. Typically with drug abuse, there’s a breakdown of communication between the family members. This specific counseling approach can improve how they communicate.

Why is this therapy so common in addiction rehab? The main reason is that it works. Finding a substance abuse treatment center Palm Springs CA that doesn’t offer it is a challenge. Experts understand how important it is to long-term sobriety and improving the family dynamic.

Learning About Codependency

During a family therapy program, people learn about the dangers of codependency and substance abuse. In fact, most of them don’t fully understand codependency. It’s an imbalance in the relationships between those with drug addiction and their family members. Typically, it involves family members taking care of, or covering for, loved ones with addiction.

For example, let’s say that a husband struggles with substance abuse and often misses work. Perhaps the wife often calls into work for him to give his supervisor an excuse for his absence. In this situation, she covers up the husband’s poor behavior. Basically, she allows the addiction to continue because he doesn’t have to answer for his actions.

With that said, codependency can form in many ways. It can even include loaning or giving money to people who struggle with addiction. During family counseling, the family members learn how to spot signs of codependency and the harm that it causes.

The only way that people with addiction can get better is if loved ones stop enabling their behavior. They have to put an end to codependency. Family therapy can teach them how to achieve that.

Addiction Ruins Relationships

People have limits, and addiction often pushes them to those limits. In some cases, damage to relationships happens before they seek help. Family therapy can aid them in rebuilding these bonds.

In order for healing to occur, people have to rebuild their relationships. Keep in mind, however, that the bonds don’t restore overnight. It’s an ongoing process and one that therapy can assist.

Teaching Family Members About Addiction

Lastly, a family therapy program teaches loved ones about addiction. One of the biggest reasons that communication between family members fails is because they don’t understand the disease. They wonder why people with addiction simply won’t stop using. During counseling, they quickly learn that ending addiction isn’t as easy as stopping.

In some cases, therapy acts as a crash course about addiction. The more that families learn about addiction, the easier that it is for them to support loved ones in recovery.

Phoenix Rising Can Help Your Family Overcome Addiction

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