Sober Holidays

Dec 2019 Sober Holidays

The holidays are often a difficult time. This is especially true for those who are new to their recovery journey. Now that you are no longer allowing drugs or alcohol to blur your mind, you may be feeling the full effects of the stress and anxiety that often comes with this time of the year. The temptation to return to old patterns of behavior can be strong. With some planning, you can help ease the anxiety this time of the year brings and come through it still on track. Sober holidays are ahead.

Gather Support

One of the greatest things you can do to help ensure sober holidays is to gather your support toolbox in advance. Identify the people who know what you are dealing with and who are ready and willing to help. These people can include:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Support Group
  • Church

Make sure your support group members know you may need to call on them at any time during this holiday season. Work out in advance who can be available and when. Their support may be as simple as listening when you need to talk. You might have someone who is also enjoying sober holidays attend functions with you or increase the number of support meetings you attend during this period. What is most important is to realize that you don’t have to face things alone. Others can’t read your mind so speak up and ask for the support you need.

Sober Holidays Tricks for Success

There are many things you can do to help you make it through the events of the season. Here are some things that can make things easier.

  • Bring your own drink. Instead of relying on the hostess remembering that you are sober, bring along your own non-alcoholic drink so you don’t have to resort to drinking plain water or being tempted.
  • Set limits. Decide how long you may feel comfortable at an event. Make plans for an early exit if necessary. Entertain the concept that you are not obligated to attend every event you are invited to. If you believe there will be too much to trigger you, decline the invitation. Only attend things you feel will see your efforts being respected.
  • Become the host. Instead of attending events at another place, consider throwing your own holiday event. You can make it alcohol and drug-free. If you would like, allow this event to be a substitute for attending any functions you feel uncomfortable with. It will give you the chance to be around people you want to see without being in a difficult environment. You make the rules.
  • Take a breather. Whether you take a walk in the middle of a crowded event or decide not to attend one night, it is important that you avoid becoming overwhelmed. Make sure you have a way to remove yourself, even temporarily, from what is going on so you can breathe, call a friend for support, or simply meditate. A few minutes to breathe can make a big difference.

Your Gift to You

You need to keep in mind that you owe nobody an explanation for taking care of you. If you need to, step away from what others expect of you in order to make it through, then do so. You don’t need to attend every family function, Stay in triggering situations or do anything else that undermines the efforts you have been putting into having sober holidays. This year, give yourself the gift of allowing you to do what is best for you.

Phoenix Rising

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