How Long Does it Take to Detox From Alcohol?

Sep 2019 How Long Does it Take to Detox From Alcohol?

You’re pretty sure that you’re dealing with a drinking problem. Time and again, you’ve tried quitting or at least cutting down. It didn’t work, and now you wake up to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You may be wondering what many others wonder, “how long does it take to detox from alcohol at a good-quality facility?” Learn more about the alcohol detox timeline and what to expect below.

Understanding the Alcohol Detox Timeline 

The alcohol detox timeline starts about eight to ten hours after your last drink. You begin to feel anxiety and some stomach pains. As time goes on without another drink, these symptoms worsen. Pretty soon, you also experience the shakes. 

This refers to your hands shaking more and more. If you’re still drinking, you’ll pour yourself another one right about now. But how long does it take to detox from alcohol at a facility? There, you don’t have the option of having another drink.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Alcohol at a Facility? 

Almost all clients make it through the alcohol addiction detox process in about a week. Some take as little as five days depending on different factors of alcohol abuse. 

When the initial alcohol withdrawal symptoms get worse by the end of day one, medical staff members can help. Medication-assisted treatment enables you to deal with the discomfort and the cravings. Most importantly, this support empowers you to keep going. 

Between days one and two, you’ll possibly deal with hallucinations. Some people develop a fever and become more and more agitated. Others develop depression that gradually worsens. Once again, it’s possible to address this condition with medication. 

The critical day is the third one. If you were to experience delirium tremens, it would be around the 72-hour marks. By day four, the symptoms are gradually diminishing. When a week since your last drink elapses, you’ll likely no longer have a physical dependency. 

What Comes After Alcohol Detox? 

Program participants benefit from entering rehab right away. Doing so allows you to break the psychological part of the addiction to alcohol. Rehab facilities offer a broad range of entry points and care delivery options. Examples include:

  • Residential rehab center that provides for room and board while you live at the center for 30 days 
  • Extended stays that let you stay at the facility for up to 90 days when necessary 
  • Partial hospitalization program, which is an opportunity to live at home but undergo full-time treatment at the center 
  • Intensive outpatient program participation to let you plan rehab around your work schedule 
  • Sober living homes that take you out of your home and into a roommate situation with peers in recovery 

Why Bother With a Formal Detox Facility? 

The progression of the alcohol detox timeline shows that there’s room for medical emergencies. If you were to suffer seizures, only first responders could assist you at home. However, if you’re alone, it’s impossible to tell if you’ll be able to contact them. 

Besides that, medical experts at the detox facility know what to look for. Therefore, they can prevent medical emergencies from occurring. As a result, it’s safer to undergo detoxification at a good-quality facility.

Detox From Alcohol in Palm Springs, CA

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