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Trauma Informed Care

A big mistake many addiction rehab centers make is to treat addiction as if it occurs in a vacuum. Addiction, however, is usually more of a symptom of something deeper than it is the root of the problem. The layered and complex nature of these problems is why Phoenix Rising utilized trauma informed care. We attempt to address the underlying issues of your struggle, and teach you how to heal yourself from there.

When dealing with the distress of trauma and addiction, things can seem overwhelming. We are here to show you that it is conquerable and understandable. At Phoenix Rising, we are here to give you the hope and support you need.

What Is Trauma Informed Care?

There is a reason trauma informed care for substance abuse is becoming more popular as of late. People are recognizing that trauma is not only usually connected to addiction, but perhaps its source. The realization that addiction is usually a symptom is the foundation of trauma informed care.

trauma informed care for substance abuse trauma therapy

Our team is comprised of experts who understand the psychology of trauma therapy. In fact, many of our staff members have been exactly where you are right now. As a result, we understand your struggle. We also understand that every person’s journey is unique. The result of these traits is that we possess a level of compassion and expertise that is almost unrivaled.

How to Heal After Identifying Trauma

Whether the root of your emotional distress is clean-cut or not, we encourage you to heal through holistic methods. This means that while we have experts on mental health present, we do not offer medication-assisted treatment. We do not want to replace one chemical dependency with another or offer you artificial relief. Our goal is to help you find balance and to take the lessons you learn with us into the real world.

We have a number of trauma informed care treatment methods to help this. Firstly, there is our large array of clinical addiction counseling services. We offer individual psychotherapy, which includes psychodrama, group and family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. In addition to these more standard options, we also offer art therapy, music therapy, and equine therapy.

We also want to support you on your quest for spiritual health. Mindful meditation can be an invaluable tool in mental health. It helps you learn to be present in the moment and free of the anxieties of the past or the future. We also teach yoga and general physical fitness with the use of our in-house gym.

The power of trauma informed care does not lie in any one of these things individually. When combined, these substance abuse treatment services are more than the sum of their parts. To restate our purpose, the key here is balance. Through balance you can learn to maintain your health, self-control, accountability, and mindfulness.

Coming to our Phoenix Rising addiction treatment center doesn’t just mean you will treat and manage your addiction. It means that you will begin to heal as a person, from top to bottom. We believe this is the only way to create sustainable change.

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