Exercise and Recovery

Nov 2019 Exercise and Recovery

Are you looking for a great treatment facility to get help with addiction and substance abuse? Phoenix Rising has specialists on hand that provide addiction counseling services in Palm Springs, CA. Below is more information about exercise and recovery and how both can help.

Exercise and Recovery

Addiction not only takes a mental toll on clients. It also adds stress to the body. Exercise can significantly benefit clients who are seeking help for addiction and substance abuse. There is a positive relationship between exercise and recovery. The benefits of recovery and exercise include healing the body and brain through movement. Exercise is a natural activity to add to the day. Physical activity makes the client feel better about themself, and it will add structure to the day.

Exercise and Recovery Heal Through Movement

Research shows that exercise can significantly improve the condition of a resident’s body and brain. Exercise can help create nerve connections in the brain, which helps the brain heal from damage done by taking drugs. Doing exercise helps with diabetes and cardiovascular health. Exercise also improves the immune system and helps clients get more rest at night.

Exercise is an Easy Activity to Add to Your Day

Residents don’t have to make exercising difficult as part of a daily routine. Take a walk, go to the gym, or ride a bike. Just walking 30 minutes several times a week has a positive effect on the mind and body. Try it out today!

Feeling Better About Their Body

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol is not a healthy way to treat the body. Clients may feel negative about themselves and what they’ve done to their bodies. A great way to reverse this feeling is with exercise. Start with small but enjoyable activities, then try out other forms of physical fitness. The body will start to feel better, and the resident will also feel better about themself.

Recovery and Exercise Adds Structure to the Day

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse can be challenging. Structuring the days with positive and healthy activities can help clients from making poor choices. Adding exercise to the daily to-do list is an excellent way to help add structure to the daily routine.

There are many benefits to combining exercise and recovery, alongside a treatment program.

Renewal of Life at Phoenix Rising Recovery

Phoenix Rising Recovery is in beautiful Palm Springs, California, on a 4-acre ranch. We are sensitive to cultural and ethnic differences (we provide food for kosher diets, allow Shabbat observance, etc.) We offer a variety of programs to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our programs include:

We also provide different services to help our clients get back on their feet. Our services are:

Phoenix Rising also has an in-house pool, gym, rec room, and jacuzzi for clients. We can also help with job placement and case management for up to 1 year after treatment. We also provide alumni events to keep clients and their families connected after treatment and recovery.

Addiction does not have to control your life and your family’s life any longer. Add renewal to your life with exercise and more. We can help you when you enroll at Phoenix Rising Recovery in Palm Springs, CA. Contact us online or call us at 8552328211 so we can start helping you right away.