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Young Adult Rehab

eens and Young Adults substance abuseIf there is ever a time in life when people feel the need to experiment with substances, it’s during their youth. In fact, teens and young adults often find themselves abusing substances. That’s why it’s important for addiction treatment centers to have rehab for young adults. Without young adult rehab, teens and young adults with substance use problems will turn into older adults with even worse substance use problems. Worst-case scenario, these teens and young adults will lose their lives to addiction at a young age.

If you know a teen or young adult who is suffering from a substance use problem, then you should have him or her look into attending rehab for young adults. With the right help, struggling individuals can again begin to look forward to a bright and healthy future.

About Addiction Rehab for Young Adults

Young adult rehab is an addiction treatment program that’s solely for teens and young adults. The purpose of young adult rehab is to help young people who suffer from substance use disorders achieve sobriety.

Young adult rehab programs can vary a bit in the ages of patients that they allow in the program. For example, some young adult rehab programs cater solely to teens. Others may cater to preteens and teens. Some young adult rehab programs will even allow teens and young adults in their early twenties to enter.

It’s important for young people to find the help they need when struggling with addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse can drastically and negatively change the lives of those who suffer from these disorders. Thankfully, getting the right kind of help can make all the difference; professional substance abuse treatment can assist those who are suffering from alcoholism or drug misuse.

Causes of Substance Abuse in Young Adults

When people are young, they’re still discovering who they are and what they stand for. Therefore, young people have a tendency to experiment with different things until they become fully developed adults with secure Rehab for Young Adultsidentities. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol are often part of this experimentation period.

The brains of teens and young adults in their early twenties are still developing. This makes teens and young adults more likely to exhibit risky behavior. This, in turn, only increases the chance that they’ll decide to experiment with substances.

Also, teens and young adults may especially want to experiment with substances if they’re searching for a euphoric feeling. Unfortunately, once such teens and young adults experience euphoric feelings from substances, they may become addicted.

Furthermore, teens and young adults are inexperienced in life. Therefore, they likely don’t understand the severe ramifications that abusing substances can have on their lives.

Even mature young adults are at risk of abusing alcohol and drugs. This is because experimentation isn’t the only reason why a teen or young adult may turn to substance abuse. In fact, many teenagers and young adults turn to substance abuse to cope with the stresses of life.

For example, many teens and young adults in college may start abusing substances to deal with the pressures of school. In fact, many teens and young adults in college start abusing prescription drugs, such as Adderall, because they want the pills to help them stay awake so that they can get more school work done.

Teens and young adults who participate in athletics may also turn to certain prescription drugs to enhance their athletic abilities. Other teen and young adult athletes may even start abusing pain relievers, such as opioids, while in recovery from an athletic injury.

All of these factors combined create the perfect recipe for young adult substance abuse. This, in turn, creates the need for young adult rehab.

Substances That Are Most Commonly Abused by Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults tend to abuse substances that are easily available to them. Unfortunately, as young people enter their late teens and early twenties, it often becomes easier to obtain different legal and illicit substances. This is especially the case as teens get old enough to drive, become legal, or enter their twenties and become legally able to drink. In fact, nearly half of high school seniors have used at least one illicit drug before.

Some of the most commonly abused substances by teens and young adults include:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids/Prescription Drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Inhalants
  • Hallucinogens
  • MDMA

About Rehab for Young Adults

Rehab for young adults operates very similarly to rehab for older adults. This is because addiction is no respecter of persons. Therefore, teens and young adults are capable of suffering from severe addictions, mild addictions, and everything in between.

This also means that teens and young adults need different kinds of addiction treatment programs depending on the severity of their addictions and their individual needs. Some of the addiction treatment programs that young adults may need to enter during rehab include:

Inpatient Young Adult Rehab

Inpatient treatment programs are highly structured and require patients to live in rehab facilities. This form of treatment program is for individuals who are suffering from severe addictions. Inpatient rehab patients need 24/7 care and monitoring. Young adults with severe addictions should go through intensive inpatient young adult rehab to achieve sobriety. This intensive care will provide around-the-clock supervision, helping to prevent relapse.

There are two types of inpatient young adult rehab programs that teens and young adults can enter: standard inpatient rehab and residential inpatient rehab. Standard inpatient rehab is slightly more intense and structured than residential rehab. As a result, young adults who enter a residential program get more free time to do their own thing and participate in holistic treatment methods than those in standard inpatient young adult rehab. Young adults whose addictions are severe enough to need inpatient or residential treatment should attend rehab for at least 30-90 months.

Outpatient Young Adult Rehab

Rehab at Phoenix RisingOutpatient treatment programs are rehab programs that don’t require their patients to live in facilities. This is because outpatient addiction treatment programs are for patients whose addictions aren’t quite severe enough to enter inpatient treatment programs.

There are three different types of outpatient young adult rehab programs that teens and young adults can enter. The first one is partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment.

PHP treatment is the most intense of all the outpatient treatment programs. It requires that patients attend rehab all day. In many cases, patients must attend rehab for 5-8 hours a day before going back home, five to seven days a week. Therefore, if you suffer from a moderate to severe addiction, a PHP may be for you.

The second most intense outpatient treatment program is intensive outpatient program (IOP) treatment. Intensive outpatient program treatment requires that patients attend rehab for approximately a few hours a day, a few days a week. Attend IOP young adult rehab if you suffer from a moderate addiction.

The third and final outpatient addiction treatment program is outpatient program (OP) treatment. Outpatient program treatment requires that patients attend rehab for a couple of hours a day, once or twice a week. Outpatient treatment is best for those who have mild addictions or have already completed residential treatment.

Benefits of Rehab for Young Adults

Young adults are in different stages of their lives than older adults. Therefore, having addiction treatment programs that are specifically made for young adults and teens is important. To make younger patients feel comfortable talking about their substance use issues and needs, it’s best if they do so amongst individuals that are going through the same issues that they are. This is especially true when receiving inpatient treatment at a rehab facility with other addicts in recovery or when attending group therapy sessions.

By attending a specialized rehab program just for young adults, individuals can learn from one another. Specialized young adult rehab programs also allow teens and young adults to build support groups for themselves that Young Adult Rehabare made out of their peers.

Attend Rehab at Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Recovery is an addiction treatment center that strives to provide rehab patients with recovery options that perfectly suit them and their individual needs. In doing so, we hope that each of our patients can revitalize their minds and bodies and become their healthiest and best selves. Since we are so passionate about providing rehab patients with addiction treatment that suits their individual needs, we offer rehab services that can help young adults.

Some of the other addiction treatment programs that we offer here at Phoenix Rising Recovery include 30-day rehab programs90-day rehab programsmedication-assisted treatment, long-term inpatient rehab, and each of the outpatient rehab programs. We even offer a wide variety of specialized detox programs and aftercare services. These aftercare services include standard aftercare treatment and sober living homes.

To learn about the other individualized and specialized rehab programs at Phoenix Rising Recovery, contact us anytime. We are more than happy to answer any questions about our recovery center that you may have. Allow us to help you move forward, leaving substance abuse behind!