Equine Therapy Near Me

Aug 2019 Equine Therapy Near Me

Therapy is one of the best options for people who struggle with drug addiction. However, there’s more to therapy than simply sitting in a group and talking about your feelings. In fact, animals can play a significant role in your success at rehab. For that reason, many people search for “equine therapy near me.”

What Is Equine Therapy?

Before you search for an equine therapy program in Palm Springs, CA, it helps to understand it. Basically, equine therapy is a therapeutic service that involves an interaction between a person and a horse. Because of that, some rehab centers refer to it as horse therapy.

However, what kind of interactions occur between the person and the horse? If you look for “equine therapy near me,” you can expect to find activities such as:

  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Fastening a halter
  • Leading
  • Riding

How Can I Benefit From Equine Therapy Near Me?

With an understanding of the basics, you might wonder how you can benefit from finding “horse therapy near me.” Honestly, a number of benefits come from horse-assisted therapy.

Taking care of a horse teaches you to have empathy, emotional awareness, and flexibility. It can help with problem-solving skills and stress tolerance, as well. What you might not expect, though, is how much that horse therapy helps you emotionally.

People often find it soothing to talk to horses. They tend to open up to the animals about their problems because the horses don’t judge them. Sometimes, all that it takes is actually saying the problem out loud to open up about it.

Also, horses are one of those animals that can sense emotions. They know when you’re sad or troubled. They pick up on clues based on facial expressions and tones in your voice. Best of all, they can pick up on these emotions even if you aren’t familiar with them.

These abilities make horses perfect for animal therapy for mental health treatment. Of course, they aren’t the only animals that can sense emotions in people. Dogs and cats are also capable of detecting and reacting to human emotions. However, cats are more likely than dogs and horses to pay little mind to how you feel.

Horse Therapy Doesn’t Just Help With Addiction

Usually, people don’t suffer from addiction alone. They typically suffer from other underlying problems too. Thankfully, when you search for “horse therapy near me,” you actively seek a service that addresses multiple mental disorders.

Equine therapy can help you deal with trauma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and mood disorders. Some rehab centers even use it to treat behavior disorders. Beyond helping you overcome drug addiction, equine therapy can help you work through sex and gambling addictions.

Enjoy the Benefits of Equine Therapy and Much More

Do you think that equine therapy sounds right for you? Consider reaching out to Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, California. We offer equine therapy and gender-specific programs. Some of our other services include:

Don’t wait to get help for your addiction. Learn more about the benefits of searching for “equine therapy near me.” Reach out to our friendly staff at 8552328211 to learn more.