Have you heard of Phoenix Rising’s experiential therapy program? It takes you out of the therapist’s office. Most importantly, it’s an excellent opportunity to work with peers who’re also in recovery. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Choose an Experiential Therapy Program? asian female talks to female therapist about an experiential therapy progam

You would expect the luxury rehab center Southern CA can trust to provide you with a multi-pronged approach for healing. There’s more to overcoming substance abuse than merely sitting in a therapist’s office. Concurrently, you have to process what you learn. In many cases, there’s the need for hands-on application of what you now know about yourself.

An experiential therapy program is a non-traditional approach toward healing. It gives you opportunities to practice life, social, and coping skills. Besides that, it’s an excellent opportunity for someone who’s not comfortable in a therapist’s office. It encourages them to find different ways of expressing themselves.

Which experiential therapy program Palm Springs, CA counts on is right for you? One example is recreational therapy. It takes you out of the facility and into an exercise therapy program. You don’t have to be buff to participate.

Rather, a therapist adapts a program for you that might include gym attendance, swimming, or something else altogether. Initially, you work on embracing a new healthier lifestyle. Next, you gradually build your self-esteem as you notice yourself growing more robust and stronger.

Another experiential therapy program is neurofeedback. It is an exercise program for the brain. A therapist assists you with identifying desirable brainwave patterns. Next, you learn how to boost these brainwaves through video games.

Adding Evidence-Based Treatments to the Mix 

The experiential therapy program Palm Springs, CA talks about isn’t enough to lead to a recovery from substance abuse. Rather, you need to combine it with evidence-based techniques. These are the types of care approaches that have shown excellent success in the past. Therefore, therapists reason that they’ll help you, too.

Examples include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that focuses on faulty connections between thoughts and feelings or actions 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a tool for regaining emotional equilibrium even under challenging circumstances 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which encourages you to manage underlying mental health conditions 
  • Trauma treatment that allows you to reprocess a destructive situation from the past 
  • One-on-one talk therapy, which invites you to set goals and determine directions in which to take treatment 

Group therapy is another evidence-based care approach that’s essential for healing. Frequently, it spills over into the experiential therapy program. For example, ropes courses, wilderness therapy, and hiking are activities that involve groups. You’re around peers in recovery.

In the process, you apply the life and social skills you’ve been working on. You set personal boundaries. Similarly, you determine how to cope with differences of opinions. Groups inside the facility and outside are of tremendous value during your recovery effort.

Enrolling in Care Today 

Substance abuse gradually worsens. It’s a progressive brain disease that doesn’t get better on its own. If you do nothing, there’s a good chance that you’ll continue with the drug habit. You’ll probably continue with the same substance and possibly even increase the dose.

This likely leads to problems with loved ones. You may also experience legal issues and lose a job. Your loved ones may give you an ultimatum. It feels like life’s getting progressively worse, and there’s no way out.

However, this doesn’t have to describe your trajectory. You can benefit from the assistance of therapists who genuinely care about your recovery. Do so in a comfortable setting that lets you relax and get rid of stressors and triggers.

Select a care approach that works for you. Examples include:

An experiential therapy program combines with evidence-based therapies for your healing. When you call Phoenix Rising today, you talk to an intake specialist who assists you with insurance verification. Don’t you owe it to yourself to undergo a full life’s renewal? Call 8552328211 today to make it happen.