What is Psychodrama Therapy?

Jun 2019 What is Psychodrama Therapy?

When you seek addiction treatment from Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, California, you gain trauma-informed care from professionals who consider your individual needs when building your treatment plan. You also gain access to advanced therapies like the best dialectical behavior therapy program Palm Springs CA offers, neurofeedback, biofeedback, as well as psychodrama therapy. But what is psychodrama therapy, and how will it help you in your recovery?

What is psychodrama therapy?

Your psychodrama therapy at Phoenix Rising is one type of psychotherapy that usually takes place in a group setting. It uses creativity and activity through guided role-playing as well as drama. You use these methods of psychotherapy for addiction to understand and work through your problems.

You can also use psychodrama in an individual counseling session with your therapist, but most of this activity takes place among peers in treatment. As each person enacts their own guided drama, you learn from their experiences as much as you learn from your own.

Your therapist guides the psychodrama therapy program. Group therapy members act out specific scenes reflecting past situations. Sometimes you explore dreams through the drama or prepare for events that may happen in your future. In scenes involving your significant other or people from everyday life, another group member can play those roles.

Through this role play of psychodrama therapy, you bring your core beliefs and problems to the surface. At the same time, you gain support from the others in your group as you work through these issues. You practice new skills and behaviors to make them easier to integrate into your everyday life.

What is Psychodrama Therapy and Its Benefits?

What is psychodrama therapy? A program that helps you break through underlying problems or beliefs. It often helps you in self-discovery not achieved in talk therapy.

Trauma and addiction frequently lead people to retreat into themselves. When you suffer these conditions, you do not communicate in healthy ways, experience low self-esteem, stop building relationships, and do not express your feelings well. Coming out of the isolation and self-focus of these conditions requires some practice of positive social skills, interactions, and behaviors. In rehab, you feel safe among your peers and also work together to learn and grow in psychodrama.

Improvements you can gain through a psychodrama therapy program include:

  • Better communication skills and relationships
  • Healing from grief or loss
  • Rebuilding your self-confidence
  • Enhancing learning and life skills
  • Expressing your feelings among supportive peers
  • Practicing new ways of behaving and thinking

Psychodrama helps people with a wide range of problems, such as trauma, eating disorders, addiction, autism, and attachment issues. People with an addiction do well in these sessions, experiencing real breakthroughs in their treatment. In fact, people suffering from heroin addiction see a significant improvement in psychodrama. You confront your biggest problems, then learn about yourself, improve self-expression, and enhance your social skills.

One of the most common areas of focus for psychodrama is relapse prevention. The group acts out scenes and situations that frequently lead to relapse. You practice handling these situations, so you feel prepared to do so in real life after rehab.

Other Therapies and Treatments You Need in Rehab

A psychodrama therapy program alone does not provide recovery. But it does help you achieve growth unique to this type of therapy, as a complement to other kinds of counseling and education. Other types of therapies and treatments you need include:

You gain all of these therapies at Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, California. Phoenix Rising’s detox, residential, PHP, IOP, and outpatient programs are tailored to your individual addiction recovery needs. When you finish rehab programs or extended care 90-day treatment, sober living awaits to help you through your transition into the community, if needed. This personalized treatment even considers your cultural and ethnic needs, to ensure the greatest comfort and applicability of your rehab experience.

Learn more about what is psychodrama therapy and other methods available in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. Call Phoenix Rising now at 8552328211 to talk to an intake counselor about your addiction and hopes for recovery. Your new life awaits and is ready for you with Phoenix Rising’s help, so make the call today.