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What Is Codependency? Symptoms of a Codependent Relationship

May 2020 What Is Codependency? Symptoms of a Codependent Relationship

Often, people, who spend most of their time and energy meeting the needs of their partners, wonder, ‘What is codependency?’ Such a relationship feels like a trap because only one party makes sacrifices. By definition, a codependent relationship is a situation whereby people are reliant on others for almost everything, including food, clothing, money, and shelter.  So, what are the symptoms of codependency?

Low Self-Esteem and Perfectionism

People with low self-esteem tend to keep comparing themselves to others as they feel inadequate for anyone and unlovable. If you always feel bad about yourself, then you’re likely developing codependency.

In some cases, people even resort to perfectionism due to fear of losing the other person.

There is nothing wrong with making other people happy, especially if it’s your significant other, so if this is your case, then there is no need to worry about – what is codependency? However, if you’re doing so because you think you don’t have a choice, then there is a problem. 

Codependents commonly develop anxieties when they have to refuse someone something; they don’t know how to say no. They go the extra mile and forgo their interests to please other people.

What Is Codependency? Poor Social Boundaries

A social boundary is what separates your body, comfort, emotions, belonging, feelings, needs, money, and thoughts from other people. Lack of clear boundaries in relationships often leads to interpersonal problems.

Codependents usually feel an obligation to make other people happy by trying to solve all of their problems. They also tend to blame their inefficiencies on others and try to respond to every thought and emotion that other people bring their way.

As a codependent, you’ll not be trying to find a satisfactory answer to the question – what is codependency? Due to the lack of a clear boundary, you’ll be vulnerable to other people’s hurtful words or behaviors. Since you’ll not interpret other peoples’ words as a reflection of themselves, you’ll always feel defenseless by disparities in opinions.

Being Controlling

Codependents feel that they can’t live without some people in their lives. Therefore, they create means to keep these relationships at all costs, including using threats and blackmail. Power gives codependents a sense of safety and security. The problem with excessive control is that it hinders the ability to communicate effectively with other people.

A codependent person may be bossy by dictating everything the other person must or mustn’t do. In most instances, they’ll use their people-pleasing and caretaking behaviors to manipulate and dominate others. 

What Is Codependency Treatment? Learn More at Phoenix Rising

Codependency relationships are typically unhealthy and dysfunctional since a person sets the right conditions to sustain reckless or addictive behaviors. Codependency as a mental health problem originally applied to families with alcohol addiction problems, also known as co-alcoholics. Studies show a strong positive correlation between codependency and dysfunctional families. 

Since codependency is usually rooted in an individual’s childhood, treatment involves the analysis of past experiences, and how they contribute to current destructive behaviors. 

At Phoenix Rising Recovery, we have a team of mental health professionals who are experts in dealing with a wide range of mental health illnesses, including codependency. For the best results, our therapists combine several codependency treatment programs, including:

Don’t let mental health illnesses control your life. If you’re wondering what is codependency,  you can find the answers and overcome adversity by checking into a rehab center in California for customized treatment. So contact us today at 8552328211, and we’ll get you started on your journey to lifelong sobriety.