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Define Rehabilitation

Feb 2020 Define Rehabilitation

If you have struggled with substance use disorder, then you may have heard discussions about getting drug rehab. However, maybe you are not exactly familiar with what that is all about. You would like someone to define rehabilitation for you so you have a better understanding of what to expect. Let us take a look at the “Why’s” and the “What’s” of rehabilitation.

Define Rehabilitation

Before we define rehabilitation, let us discuss what type of people go to rehab. First, rehab is for all types of people. Anyone who is struggling with a substance abuse issue will find that rehab is a beneficial place to get the help they need.

No matter what type of substance you are challenged with, rehabilitation is a place to find help to get off it. Through rehabilitation, people not only get off whatever substance that is holding them down in life, but they also come together with like-minded individuals and forge new friendships. A group therapy program is a perfect opportunity to do this. It allows the person to gain connections that will encourage them along the journey to healing.

In addition, rehab provides the tools and strategies for the person to overcome drugs or alcohol in the future. In other words, they gain tools for relapse prevention.

How To Get Started In Rehab

Getting started in rehabilitation is as simple as picking up the phone or filling out an online form. Once you complete the admissions process, the intake coordinator will set up a time for you to have a formal evaluation. At this time, a professional clinician will discuss the various treatment plans with you to see which one is best suited for your needs. Finally, you will begin the rehab by coming to the facility and starting your sessions. If you need medical detox, that will come first. Detox will ensure that you are comfortable going through the withdrawal symptoms.

Find Relief at Phoenix Rising

At Phoenix Rising, we will help you define rehabilitation and get through the drug rehabilitation process. Our therapy sessions are designed specifically to address whatever unique problems you may be experiencing. Discover our serene 4-acre ranch which will promote healing and rest while you detox from all substances. Our facility is culturally sensitive providing special diets for those who need kosher foods and so on.

Caring therapists will help you gain the strength to value yourself, while at the same time help your loved one detox from drugs or alcohol.

We use evidence-based treatment programs to bring solutions to troubled families. Some of these include:

Do not let addiction get in the way of having a joy-filled life. Now that you can define rehabilitation, you can also overcome your addiction. Contact us at 8552328211, and we will help you start the journey. It is time to get clean and live a happier, healthier life. Make a change for the better today.