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Coping With Problems Drinking

Feb 2020 Coping With Problems Drinking

Alcohol is a significant problem in the United States that does not always get the attention it deserves. Because of its easy access and legality for adults, people tend to dismiss its dangers. However, many people do have problems drinking. Problems drinking can disrupt your life and cause disharmony in the home. In addition, alcohol use disorder is harmful to the body and brain.

Why Do People Have Problems Drinking?

Knowing that alcohol can be detrimental to your health, mind, social life, and career, you may wonder why people end up with problems drinking. A drinking problem can begin in a variety of ways. Maybe someone goes through a difficult time — a life-crushing situation — and they end up turning to alcohol to numb the pain. Before they know it, they are using alcohol to solve their problems, but in the end, alcohol becomes a problem for them. 

Other people may begin drinking because of past unresolved trauma. Maybe they had a rough childhood filled with abuse or neglect. This can lead to someone coping with the pain by drinking alcohol.

Finally, some people have no past or current trauma that is led to their drinking. However, they may have developed problems drinking due to getting into a habit. Maybe they started stopping for a drink after work every day. Then, it turned into more heavy drinking on the weekends. Before they knew it, they were drinking heavily on a regular basis.

What Are Treatments for Drinking Problems

If you discover that you may have a problem with alcohol, the best course of action is to tackle it sooner rather than later. Some treatment programs that are available include:

Finding the best program for you involves meeting with a qualified therapist who will evaluate your situation to determine the severity of your case. The type of program you enroll in also depends on what commitments you have to work and family, because some are residential. 

Find Hope at Phoenix Rising

You can trust that Phoenix Rising will walk beside you as you take the journey from alcohol use problems to sobriety and happiness. Our compassionate therapists understand your struggles and have techniques to lead you to a brighter future. By using evidence-based treatment programs, we equip our clients to find the pathway to a better life.

Therapy is a crucial part of the program at Phoenix Rising. Some of our therapies include:

Do not let problems drinking get in the way of having a joy-filled life. You can overcome this addiction by participating in alcohol rehab. Contact us at 8552328211, and we will help you start the journey. Letting an addiction get worse only makes recovery harder. The sooner you can get help, the sooner you can begin the next chapter of your life. Call Phoenix Rising today.