When clients visit the Phoenix Rising opioid addiction rehab center, many are dealing with a pain pill dependency. For some, the condition came as a surprise. Others realized too late that their medications hooked them. However, there’s hope through opioid addiction treatment.

The Opioid Crisis Is Real

opioid addiction rehab center opioid addiction rehab programThere’s been a lot of talk on the news about the American opioid crisis. Experts at our drug addiction rehab center agree that it’s not hyperbole. Instead, it’s a factual account of what’s really happening. Pain medications are trapping more and more people.

Our opioid addiction rehab center Southern CA counts on sees various types of patients. There are those who received a prescription and developed an addiction in spite of best practices. They needed help with pain management. Now, they don’t know what to do.

Other opioid addiction rehab program participants are individuals who began abusing the medications right away. They heard that the pills could give them a high, so they tried it. Opioids gave them the high, as well as the chemical dependency.

Why You Need Treatment at Our Opioid Addiction Rehab Center

Chemical dependency comes with uncontrollable cravings. You want to quit. However, you’ll do anything for another dose when withdrawal symptoms begin. Because of these conflicting feelings, you experience tremendous frustration.

Besides that, you need help sorting out your plans for the future. Sure, you want to quit using. However, how can you deal with the depression and pain that accompany withdrawal? In fact, that’s what detox is for.

A stay at our opioid addiction rehab center begins with detoxification. You overcome the physical cravings. Similarly, you work through the depression that comes with quitting opioids. After about a week, you think much more clearly.

Psychotherapy Is Instrumental in Overcoming Opioids

What’s behind your pain? Would you believe that opioid addiction rehab program therapists frequently find that psychotherapy is essential? For example, stress contributes to pain. The same is true for depression and anxiety.

Some people continue using painkillers off-label in order to numb themselves. They might have mental health disorders that remain without a diagnosis. Therefore, they try to overcome symptoms by numbing them with opioids.

By getting a handle on the conditions, they no longer need to respond to triggers with the drugs. At our opioid addiction rehab center, therapists customize your recovery setting. Modalities include:

  • Trauma treatment that lets you learn to manage flashbacks, unwelcome emotions, and intrusive thoughts
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that focuses on personality and mood disorders
  • Psychotherapy for addiction, which gives you a chance to recognize stressors and devise coping strategies
  • Pain management techniques for residents who need help dealing with discomfort
  • Exercise therapy that might use the gym, pool, or rec room for a return to a healthy lifestyle

Opioid addiction rehab program participants also undergo neuro and biofeedback therapy. These treatments contribute to a better understanding of your healing process.

The Importance of Support Group Attendance after Program Graduation

As the opioid addiction rehab center Southern CA locals can trust, Phoenix Rising emphasizes the need for support group attendance. These groups let you meet up with peers who are also in recovery. You learn from each other how to maintain lifelong sobriety. At the opioid addiction rehab center, you already began the process through group therapy.

Now, you continue it offsite. The advantage is that there’ll be groups anywhere you live. At Phoenix Rising, the opioid addiction rehab center Southern CA counts on, we help you make the connection. Before you can benefit from these groups, however, you need to quit opioid abuse.

Sign up for treatment at our opioid addiction rehab center today. Phoenix Rising gladly assists with a complete renewal of your lifestyle. Call 8552328211 now to learn more.