Morphine, codeine, and heroin are all opiates. They’re derivatives of the opium poppy plant and have strong addiction potential. However, it’s possible to overcome dependency with the help of Phoenix Risings opiate addiction rehab center.

Why Is It So Difficult to Quit Opiates?

opiate addiction rehab center southern ca opiate addiction rehab programWhen clients first arrive at Phoenix Rising with an opiate habit, they enter the drug detox center. Many tried to cut back or quit cold turkey before. When withdrawal symptoms began, it frightened them.

The pain was something they never expected. The same is true for depression, anxiety, and extreme loneliness. At our opiate addiction rehab center, we walk people through this process with plenty of assistance. We start with medical supervision.

Moreover, medication-assisted therapy keeps you free from pain. It also lets you manage the depression that sets in until dopamine production returns to normal. Because this may take a little while, it’s essential for this treatment to continue. Phoenix Rising is the opiate addiction rehab center Southern CA relies on because we give our clients hope.

Working with Therapists at the Opiate Addiction Rehab Center Empowers You to Break a Chemical Dependency

Opiate abuse is a multi-splintered problem. It calls for a fully individualized approach. For example, someone who’s abusing codeine as part of the purple drank craze needs a unique approach. The drug hooked you in a social environment.

Most importantly, you may deal with a polysubstance abuse situation. Your opiate addiction rehab program care protocol will differ from the one someone who abuses heroin needs. This drug may begin as a social experiment. However, it quickly leads to isolation.

Someone with a morphine dependency may have underlying pain management needs. Our opiate addiction rehab center will customize a care approach that addresses it. Additionally, it’ll help you manage other underlying conditions that could actually contribute to the pain itself.

There are several addiction counseling services that many different types of residents could benefit from. Examples of modalities offered at the opiate addiction rehab center Southern CA trusts include:

  • Psychotherapy for addiction that focuses intently on your ability to respond to triggers with alternative coping mechanisms
  • Group therapy that includes addiction education as well as psychodrama
  • Neuro and biofeedback therapy at the opiate addiction rehab center to help you understand the healing you undergo
  • Trauma informed care, which benefits individuals with PTSD and other events from their past that trigger drug cravings
  • Equine therapy, which is an opiate addiction rehab program that emphasizes self-esteem building

Sober Living Gives You Confidence to Live Drug-Free

Being an opiate addiction rehab center Southern CA trusts means that we have to do more. We do not merely walk you through a customized care protocol. Rather, we’re also there when you graduate from the program. Now’s the time to find out if you’re ready to move on from opiate addiction.

Sober living homes give you a safety net. While working through the opiate addiction rehab program, you learn coping and social skills. At the transitional living facility, you put these new skills into practice. If you realize that there are triggers you didn’t address during your opiate addiction rehab program, you return to treatment.

Now’s also the time to find work. Once again, therapists help you. When you feel ready, you might return to your home. Other people choose to start over living on their own.

Of course, before you get to this point, you need to enroll in an opiate addiction rehab center. It prepares you for a return to a lifestyle that’s free from a dependency on morphine, codeine, or heroin. Phoenix Rising wants to participate in your personal renewal. Call 8552328211 today to connect with an intake advisor.